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Re: [RFC] infrun.c: Fix infinite loop caused by breakpoint adjustment

Any comments on the patch below?

Can this paragraph (or something like it) should be included in the code change? That way the reader will better understand exactly what goes wrong and for which architecture.

It fixes an infinite loop caused by attempting to run to a location
to which it's architecturally impossible to set a breakpoint at.  (It's
quite easy to reproduce this problem on FR-V.  Just step into some
library code which has been compiled with optimization.)

enjoy, Andrew

Since it touches infrun.c, and since a lot of developers are on
holiday at this time of year, I'll wait until January 15 to commit it.
Hopefully, that'll give everyone who'd like to comment on this patch
a chance to look at it.


	* infrun.c (step_into_function): Account for possible breakpoint
	adjustment when computing ``stop_func_start''.

Index: infrun.c
RCS file: /cvs/src/src/gdb/infrun.c,v
retrieving revision 1.122
diff -u -p -r1.122 infrun.c
--- infrun.c 25 Nov 2003 16:01:36 -0000 1.122
+++ infrun.c 18 Dec 2003 19:34:53 -0000
@@ -2762,6 +2762,18 @@ step_into_function (struct execution_con
&& ecs->sal.end < ecs->stop_func_end)
ecs->stop_func_start = ecs->sal.end;
+ /* Architectures which require breakpoint adjustment might not be able
+ to place a breakpoint at the computed address. If so, the test
+ ``ecs->stop_func_start == stop_pc'' will never succeed. Adjust
+ ecs->stop_func_start to an address at which a breakpoint may be
+ legitimately placed. */
+ if (gdbarch_adjust_breakpoint_address_p (current_gdbarch))
+ {
+ ecs->stop_func_start
+ = gdbarch_adjust_breakpoint_address (current_gdbarch,
+ ecs->stop_func_start);
+ }
if (ecs->stop_func_start == stop_pc)
/* We are already there: stop now. */

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