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[PATCH] Ignore N_PATCH stab

Checked in as obvious.


Index: ChangeLog
from  Mark Kettenis  <>

	* dbxread.c (read_dbx_symtab): Ignore N_PATCH stabs instead of
	(process_one_symbol): Deal with N_PATCH stabs.

Index: dbxread.c
RCS file: /cvs/src/src/gdb/dbxread.c,v
retrieving revision 1.61
diff -u -p -r1.61 dbxread.c
--- dbxread.c 23 Nov 2003 20:41:16 -0000 1.61
+++ dbxread.c 9 Jan 2004 16:25:34 -0000
@@ -2087,6 +2087,7 @@ read_dbx_symtab (struct objfile *objfile
 	  case N_OBJ:			/* useless types from Solaris */
 	  case N_OPT:
+	  case N_PATCH:
 	  /* These symbols aren't interesting; don't worry about them */
@@ -3253,6 +3254,7 @@ process_one_symbol (int type, int desc, 
       /* The following symbol types can be ignored.  */
     case N_OBJ:		/* Solaris 2:  Object file dir and name */
+    case N_PATCH:	/* Solaris2: Patch Run Time Checker.  */
       /*   N_UNDF:                   Solaris 2:  file separator mark */
       /*   N_UNDF: -- we will never encounter it, since we only process one
          file's symbols at once.  */

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