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Re: RFA/doc: couple of small Obj-C documentation tweaks

> From: Jason Molenda <>
> Date: Wed, 7 Jan 2004 15:57:35 -0800
> Thanks for spotting the additional corrections.  I'm inexperienced with 
> texinfo so I want to run the patch past you before I commit.

Sure, feel free.

> makeinfo and texi2html don't give any warnings when processing this
> - I believe it to be correct.

The patch is okay, except for the following two very minor problems:

> +@kindex _NSPrintForDebugger

_NSPrintForDebugger is not a command, so @kindex isn't right here.
I'd suggest something like this:

  @cindex @code{_NSPrintForDebugger}, and printing Objective-C objects

> +The print command has also been extended to accept methods.  For example:
>  @smallexample
> -print -[object hash]
> +print -[@var{object} hash]
>  @end smallexample
>  @cindex print an Objective-C object description
> -will tell gdb to send the -hash message to object and print the
> -result. Also an additional command has been added, @code{print-object}
> -or @code{po} for short, which is meant to print the description of an
> -object. However, this command may only work with certain Objective-C
> -libraries that have a particular hook function, called
> -@code{_NSPrintForDebugger} defined.
> +will tell @value{GDBN} to send the @code{hash} message to @var{object}

This last line doesn't start a new paragraph, so you need a @noindent
(alone on a separate line) immediately before it, like this:

  print -[@var{object} hash]
  @end smallexample
  @cindex print an Objective-C object description
  will tell @value{GDBN} to send the @code{hash} message to @var{object}

This is needed to prevent makeinfo and TeX from indenting the line as
if it were a beginning of a paragraph.  (Sorry for not catching this
when I first read the patch.)

Otherwise, please commit the patch.  Thanks.

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