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Re: RFA/doc: couple of small Obj-C documentation tweaks

> From: Jason Molenda <>
> Date: Tue, 6 Jan 2004 17:34:21 -0800
> I was looking at the gdb docs today and saw a couple of small problems
> with the Objective-C section.  OK to commit?

Yes, but please correct the following small gotchas while at that:

> @@ -8532,12 +8532,12 @@ print -[object hash]
>  @end smallexample
>  @cindex print an Objective-C object description
> -will tell gdb to send the -hash message to object and print the
> +will tell gdb to send the @code{hash} message to @code{object} and print the

Instead of "gdb" we use "@value{GDBN}" in the manual (so that the
actual name that appears in the produced docs can be changed globally
with a single simple change to the value of GDBN defined at the
beginning of gdb.texinfo).

Also, I'd use @var{object} instead of @code, since "object" is a
placeholder, not a literal string (right?).  "object" in the @example
should also appear in @var.

>  result. Also an additional command has been added, @code{print-object}

There's a comma missing after "Also".  print-object and po need a
@kindex entry, since we index all the GDB commands.

>  or @code{po} for short, which is meant to print the description of an
>  object. However, this command may only work with certain Objective-C
> -libraries that have a particular hook function, called
> -@code{_NSPrintForDebugger} defined.
> +libraries that have a particular hook function,
> +@code{_NSPrintForDebugger}, defined.

I'd also add an index entry for _NSPrintForDebugger here, since
someone, some day might need to look it up.

Finally, it looks like each period that ends a sentence in this
section isn't followed by 2 spaces, as required by the GNU standards.
Could you please fix that as well?


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