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Re: [cplus] Add an entry point for cp-names

> Date: Wed, 24 Dec 2003 17:36:16 -0500
> From: Daniel Jacobowitz <>
> 2003-12-24  Daniel Jacobowitz  <>
> 	* (cp_names_h): New variable.
> 	(, Depend on cp-names.h.

Just a reminder: the *.tab.c files need entries in fnchange.lst to
rename them to *_tab.c.  So these two files will need two additional

Actually, there's more to this: cp-names_tab.c and cp-names-main_tab.c
map to the same 8+3 DOS name, so they will break the script in
gdb/config/djgpp/ which accounts for renaming of *.tab.c
files (see config.sed for the gory details).  Thus, please consider
some other name for, one that doesn't conflict

> $(safe_ctype_h) $(cp_names_h) \
>  	$(srcdir)/../libiberty/cp-demangle.c
>  		-o

Nitpicking: I find this formatting of continuation lines confusing:
the continuation of the list of prerequisites is indented exactly as
the rule's command, so it looks like the first command in a rule.
(Yes, I know: there are other rules indented like that; if no one
objects, I will reindent them so that commands stand out more

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