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Re: [PATCH] Remove some hardwired assumptions about register sets

On Mon, Dec 22, 2003 at 06:51:10PM -0700, Fred Fish wrote:

On Tuesday 16 December 2003 23:14, Fred Fish wrote:

> This patch removes some hard coded assumptions about the sizes of the
> various processor specific register sets, and also allows them to be
> of different sizes if necessary.
> Comments?

Except for my own followup, there haven't been any comments about this patch.

I propose that if there are no objections by this weekend that the
patch should be checked in, after the previously noted fix is made of

I like the patch, for what that's worth.

Daniel, the patch adds a global variable "num_mips_processor_regs" vis:
! tdep->mips_processor_reg_names = mips_irix_reg_names;
! num_mips_processor_regs = sizeof (mips_irix_reg_names) / sizeof (char *);
and that can't be right :-(

Anyway, Fred, I'm wondering what motivated the change? During one of my recent cleanups I considered adding register name descriptors like:
const struct name_desc mips_generic_reg_name_desc = {
mips_generic_reg_names, ARRAY_SIZE (mips_generic_reg_names)
(I guess that's valid C) but I eventually decided to sidestep the issue (well at least for the moment) and made all the arrays the same size.


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