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Re: make inferior calls work on ia64 even when syscall is pending

>>>>> On Thu, 1 Jan 2004 00:33:23 +0100 (CET), Mark Kettenis <> said:

  Mark>    If the gdb patch looks OK, please check it in.

  Mark> David, there are two issues with the patch:

  Mark> * I suspect that this approach is Linux-specific.  If so, you
  Mark> really shouldn't be adding this bit of code to the generic
  Mark> ia64_write_pc().  Instead you should create a Linux-specific
  Mark> ia64_linux_write_pc() and put it in ia64-linux-tdep.c; you'll
  Mark> probably want to call the generic ia64_write_pc() from there.
  Mark> Then you must hook in the Linux-specific version if the OSABI

I'm not sure how Linux-specific it really is.  I think most Unixish
ia64 OSes use r10 as the syscall error flag.  I'll leave this one to
the gdb experts that know the other ia64 OSes better than I do.

  Mark> * You should use write_register_pid() instead of
  Mark> write_register().

Ah, yes, I had the code in ia64_push_dummy_call() and failed to change
that when moving it to ia64_write_pc().


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