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Re: Sumbitting ip2k port for review.

What the ip2k really needs out of the register handling is
- the ability to display a register group (there are about 12 register
groups in the ip2k).
- the ability to obtain a list of the register groups in a general way (for
use with a GUI).
- insight support.

(gdb) help maint print register-groups

I get the impression that insight is not under strong active development so
if we can leave the registers-structure trick in place then that would
satify the insight requirement. I am quite happy to work with whoever is
driving the changes to the register code so that the ip2k port can make use
of these features.
See current insight.

- ``__'' shouldn't be avoided as a prefix to symbols. A leading `_' is
reserved for the system's namespace.

Sorry, i don't quite follow, can you give an example please. The ip2k gcc
port uses an underscore prefix for normal c-code. There are a few symbols
that the linker script creates that gdb needs if the vn is to be used. I
used a double-underscore prefix to avoid name-space issues with c-ode.
Your code contained C symbols with a leading `_'. All GDB source code needs to avoid it.


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