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Re: [patch/rfc] Remove all setup_xfail's from testsuite/gdb.mi/

Good morning xfail crew,

There are a lot of xfail's in the corpus, but the number is shrinking
steadily with time.

  % cd testsuite
  % grep -r setup_xfail gdb.* | wc

    5.2.1               649
    5.3                 577
    HEAD%20030115       517

After sleeping on the problem, I like Daniel J's path for a while.
Just keep banging on the test suite and reducing that "517" number with
no more machinery and no Andrew C Big Rip.  After we kill a bunch more
of them then we can do some kind of Big Rip or new visual markings for
the legitimate ones.

> Just one note: there are cases where the XFAIL is produced by a 'xfail'
> command inside a '-re' clause.

I count 26 of those in HEAD%20030115.

> The case for debugger format and compiler version is so common that I
> would feel tempted to have a special function for that.

The trouble is that you wind up with various boolean combinations,
such as a test that xfail's with either gcc v2 stabs or icc+blah.

I think the real issue is that we have to specify and document which
compilers that the gdb test suite supports.

Michael C

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