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Re: [rfc] README, doc/gdb.texinfo: warn against '.../configure/gdb-N.N/gdb/configure'

Hi Eli,

> I sugegst to use ``subdirectory'' instead of ``subordinate
> directory'', like this:

Done.  I had a ``subordinate'' lying around somewhere in my brain's
L1 cache.

mec> +In particular, if you run the first @code{configure} from the
mec> +@file{gdb} subordinate directory of the @file{gdb-@var{version-number}}
mec> +directory, you will omit the configuration of @file{bfd},
mec> +@file{readline}, and other subordinate directories.

eli> Here, I suggest to use ``sibling directories'' as the collective term
eli> for `bfd', `readline' and other subdirectories of gdb-VERSION.

I don't want to do this.

Documentation is for humans, not other computer programs.  Humans learn
by example.  When I write `bfd' and `readline', it's clear what I'm
talking about.  If I write `sibling directories', then the readers will
be confused.

Talking about `siblings of gdb' does not help because the directory name
`gdb' is already overloaded.  The whole section already talks about
`gdb-VERSION' and its subdirectories, including `gdb', but people still
run `configure' in the wrong directory and then come to us for help.

And I think there is no problem with getting specific about `bfd' and
`readline' because this section already specifically mentions these
names as subdirectories of `gdb-VERSION'.

> It would also be nice to have some index entry for this text.  For
> example:
>   @cindex configuring @value{GDBN}, and source tree subdirectories


The CVS repository is not responding right now, so I can't make another
diff yet.

Michael C

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