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Re: [RFA] (ping) GDB crash when using command lines due to memory corruption

There is a patch that was submitted on Oct 30th 2002 but hasn't been
reviewed because it addresses a GDB crash. It also expands break.exp
to test for this.

Can somebody have a look please?

Klee, I'll be happy to check it in for you if you lack the time.

On Wed, Dec 11, 2002 at 01:00:58PM -0500, Klee Dienes wrote:
> A safer change for 5.3 might be the patch I submitted on October 30th.
> Rather than deal with sharing the command-line structure, I just 
> updated bpstat_copy to match its comment, and do a deep copy of the 
> command lines as well as the value.  I don't really have a strong 
> opinion about copying the command lines vs. managing them the way Joel 
> proposes, although my patch does have the argument of simplicity going 
> for it.  On the other hand, if/when we go to a more sophistiated 
> command-line evaluator, we'll probably want the command body to be some 
> opaque and externally managed structure anyway.
> Whichever patch we end up taking, though, we should be sure to update 
> the comment in bpstat_copy and add my proposed change to the test suite.


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