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Re: RFC: Mostly kill FRAME_CHAIN_VALID, add user knob

/* If we're inside the entry file, it isn't valid. */
/* NOTE/drow 2002-12-25: should there be a way to disable this check? it assumes a single small entry file, and the way some debug readers (e.g. dbxread) figure out which object is the entry file is somewhat hokey. */
if (inside_entry_file (frame_pc_unwind (fi)))
return 0;

Should this one be dropped? If the user specified unwind past main, then they problably want _start() included in the backtrace. It's presence also makes the other inside_entry_file() test redundant.
Er, I think it should definitly be dropped.

The big outstanding problem I've had with the frame rewrite is with trying to re-order FRAME_CHAIN() and FRAME_SAVED_PC() (aka frame_pc_unwind) - the `unwind the pc first' code. I found, for the PPC, that re-ordering things caused test regressions.

I think the above runs the exact same risks. If not for the PPC, for some other target. Besides, the other inside_entry_file (get_frame_pc (fi)) test makes it redundant.


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