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Re: [patch] README: remove references to deleted remote-*.c

mec> By the way, what happens to bugs reported to the mailing lists?
mec> Is anyone entering them into Gnats?

andrew> They dried up!  The power of documentation!
Ok, I take that back. There was a marked shift but not that dramatic. Looks like I've been un-subscribed.

I still see legitimate bug reports in

These bug reports aren't going in to Gnats.  So they get whatever
service they get on the spot, and then we forget about them.

I still see plenty of spam in as well.

I wrote to bug-gdb-owner on 2002-12-29 offering to administer the list.
It's been more than a week and I've gotten nothing in return: no
acknowledgement, no nothing.

I would like to subscribe to, so that bug reports from bug-gdb become part of
our official bug database.
I've found people are largly co-operative if you ask them to submit the bug via the web interface.

If it really is still receiving much spam then that subscribe wouldn't help (and could possibly confuse things). sware would bounce a bug submittion that had accepted, or sware would just end up full of spam reports.


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