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Re: [RFA/PATCH] breakpoint.c: fix until command

Hi Daniel,

mec> So we might need additional promises.
mec> I think it would be reasonable for us to ask for them if we decide
mec> we need them.

drow> I don't.  Promises don't mean anything; we have existing code.

A promise in a manual is a contract.  If gcc violates its contract,
then gcc is at fault, and we can file bug reports against it.  That's
what I'm getting at.

mec> If we are in foo:67, and the user asks to 'until 70',
mec> then I bet we can figure out that '70' is in the current function no
mec> matter where its object code addresses are.

drow> No, we can't.  It's a pretty fundamental rule that we can never do
drow> anything except display source lines.  Consider code re-organization,
drow> templates, macros, #line directives...

Okay, I am naive here.  I see a DW_TAG_subprogram for each function
with a DW_AT_decl_line.  Can't we use that information to build a table
that maps source line #'s to function names?

But you know much more about this area then I do so if you are gloomy,
I have to be gloomy, too.

Michael C

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