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<광고>아름다운 초상화 연필로 그리기

[``patch''] Add src/cgen/cpu directory

[applied mips sim patch] Fix a lot of FP instructions' filterflags.

[applied mips sim patch] fix ldc1 and sdc1 models and filterflags

[applied mips sim patch] fix SDXC1 insn printing string.

[applied mips sim patch] get dsra32,dsrav printing, LWU filterright

[applied patch] add overflow checking comments to mips.igen

[applied patch] clean up some mips.igen model comments.

[applied patch] fix some trivial MIPS sim bugs.

[applied patch] MIPS sim instruction checking.

[applied patch] mips sim: add 'mipsV' machine spec toapplicable insns

[applied patch] mips sim: move a couple of fns in mips.igen.

[applied patch] tweak MIPS sim pref/prefx instructions.

[applied patch] tweak opcode fields.

Re: [DejaGnu] dejagnu: multilib detection improvement

[maint] Objective C and MacOS X

[OBVIOUS] gdb.threads/pthreads.c: add return statements

[PATCH RFA] fix some sim spelling errors.

[PATCH RFA] for NetBSD host, use RPATH to add X lib dir.

[PATCH/c++] Handle constructors specially in linespec.c

[PATCH/RFA] ppc-linux-nat.c cleanup

[patch/rfc] Default TARGET_LONG_DOUBLE_BIT to 64

Re: [patch/rfc] clean up type_error() and range_error()

[patch/rfc] Delete floatformat_arm_ext

[patch/rfc] Delete floatformat_unknown

[patch/rfc] Disable [eE] packets by default

[patch/rfc] s/return_to_top_level/throw_exception/

[patch/rfc] The zap true/false patch

Re: [patch/rfc] Zap error_begin(), juggle verror() and error_stream()

[patch:doc] Specify full path to gdb.texinfo


[patch] s/->completer/set_cmd_completer()/

[patch] (C) and indent x86-64-tdep.c

[patch] ``const char *'' query,

[PATCH] Add alpha target to asm-source.exp test

[PATCH] add decl for arm_get_next_pc to arm-tdep.h

[PATCH] Add missing braces for

[PATCH] Add orig_eax to regforms

[patch] Add x86-64 target to MAINTAINERS, broken

[patch] Arm and m68k GNU/Linux Maintainers

[patch] binutils current: libiberty/configure and --with-build-subdir

[patch] Check CLI_SRC and MI_SRC for _initialize_*()

[patch] Cleanup PUSH_ARGUMENTS

[PATCH] Copy low-linux.c to linux-low.c in gdbserver

[patch] Delete lin-thread.c; Was: [patch] Delete linux-thread.c

[patch] Delete linux-thread.c

[PATCH] Deprecate xbreak and friends.

[patch] Do not allow level 1 multi-arch target macros

[PATCH] Doc: Change value{gdbn} to value{GDBN}.

[PATCH] fix DJGPP native compilation

[PATCH] Fix HP-UX build problems

[patch] Fix indirect reference to deleted ser-ocd.c

[PATCH] Fix logic error in legach_svr4_fetch_link_map_offsets

[PATCH] Fix maint.c:print_section_info filepos output

[PATCH] Fix PR gdb/290

[patch] Fix prob from print/f *(short*)&oct

[PATCH] Fix Solaris x86 build problems

[PATCH] Fix typo in gdbserver/

[patch] fix typo in win32-nat.c

[patch] fnchange.lst tweaks

[patch] GDB fails to compile GNU/Hurd, MAXPATHELEN/PATH_MAX issues.

[PATCH] gdb.base/list.exp: fix unmatching pass/fail

[PATCH] gdb.c++/userdef.exp: update copyright year

[PATCH] gdb.c++/virtfunc.exp: remove obsolete calls to setup_xfail

[PATCH] gdb.threads/linux-dp.exp: adjust to new gcc warning

[patch] cleanups

[PATCH] i386-tdep.c: i386_gdbarch_init() fix

[PATCH] ia64-tdep.c: ia64_gdbarch_init() fix

[PATCH] Improved support for overlay breakpoints in ROM

[PATCH] Kill a warning in linux-low.c

[patch] Linux -> GNU/Linux in NEWS

[PATCH] linux-proc.c: include regcache.h

[PATCH] MAINTAINERS: gdb.satbs -> gdb.stabs

[PATCH] Make gcore work for sparc64 solaris

[PATCH] make MIPS sim mips.igen model names one per line.

[PATCH] minor fixup gdb.texinfo

[PATCH] more gdbserver makefile cleanups

[PATCH] More informative help for 'mem' command

[PATCH] Move a mis-placed comment.

[patch] Move J.T. Conklin to past maintainers

[PATCH] Multiarch {elf,coff}_make_msymbol_special

[PATCH] New gdb port: Hitachi SH5 (sh64-elf)


[PATCH] Remove an old merge artifact.

[PATCH] Remove ancient #if 0 code

[PATCH] Remove dead code from linux-low.c

[PATCH] remove setup_xfail_format from gdb.c++/templates.exp

[PATCH] Remove some unneeded GDB includes from linux-low.c

[patch] remove warning_begin() declaration

[PATCH] Rename Readline ChangeLog files

Re: [PATCH] Replace some literal consts with enums.

[PATCH] rs6000-nat.c: Fix for PR 326.

[PATCH] run > file for win32

[patch] s/

[patch] s/free/xfree/

[patch] s/Linux/.../

[patch] s/Linux/.../ done

[PATCH] sh-tdep.c update to real size of saved_regs[]

[PATCH] Suppress a warning for win32 native target

[PATCH] symtab.c:gdb_mangle_name: Handle fully mangled v3 abi physnames.

[patch] then->than and typos

Re: [patch] Use MAXPATHLEN, fix sunos build problem

[PATCH] Use PTRACE_ARG3_TYPE consistently in linux-low.c

[PATCH] Use strerror() in linux-low.c

[PATCH] Use TYPE_TAG_NAME everywhere

[PATCH] xcoffsolib.c: Rename _initalize_solib

Re: [patch] Zap remaining calls to error_begin()

[patch] Zap remaining TARGET_BYTE_ORDER_DEFAULT

[patch] Zap stray CALL_DUMMY_LOCATION

[PATCH]: Generalization for ovlymgr.c

Re: [PATCH]: Remove "xbreak" and "txbreak" to hppa target code.

[RFA #2] gdb.threads/linux-dp.c: accommodate gcc 3.1

Re: [RFA 2] Debug register support in win32-nat.c (need opinions)

[RFA Rodney Brown] gcore for UnixWare

Re: [RFA Rodney Brown] gcore for UnixWare - OSF/1 patch to link

[RFA/c++testsuite] New test for constructor breakpoints

Re: [rfa/doco] Srink the overlay diagram

[RFA/mi-testsuite] Re: MI and remote debugging

[RFA/sim] ARM: use host callbacks

[RFA/stabs] Fix gdb/280 infinite loop in userdef.exp

Re: [RFA/testsuite] Allow __libc_start_main above main in annota1.exp

[rfa:cli/rfc] Use cmd->func instead of cmd->cfunc/sfunc

[rfa:cli] Add {set,get}_cmd_context() or set_cmd_ccfunc()

[rfa:cli] More c->function.cfunc zapping

[rfa:doc] Add gpl to gdb.texinfo, fdl to gdbin.texinfo

[rfa:testsuite} Overhaul sizeof.exp

[RFA] Add handling of Ctrl-Break for win32 native target.

[rfa] Always define all of TARGET_SIGNAL_*

[RFA] Basic structure to describe register formats

[RFA] Bugfixes on x86-64 target

[RFA] Cached function lookup

[RFA] core_addr_string and core_addr_to_string_nz

Re: [RFA] Documentation -- 'set trust-readonly-sections'

[RFA] Enable gcore command for UnixWare

Re: [RFA] Enable gcore command for UnixWare - testresults

[RFA] fix for utils.c bool problem

[RFA] Fix logic error suppressing attach.exp tests

[RFA] Fix some incorrect native/remote checks in the testsuite

[RFA] Fully disentangle gdb and gdbserver

[RFA] Function return type checking

Re: [RFA] gdbserver --attach support

[RFA] gdbserver 1/3 - top level config

[RFA] gdbserver 2/3 - platform config

[RFA] gdbserver 3/3 - new code

[rfa] gdbserver signal handling

[RFA] honor new-console and new-group in win32-nat.c

[RFA] Improved support for overlay breakpoints in ROM

[RFA] MAINTAINERS: remove Michael Chastain from "paper trail"


[RFA] ppc-linux-nat.c AltiVec regs ptrace

[RFA] print_frame_info_listing_hook cleanup

[RFA] PTRACE_*REGS and x86-64-linux support for gdbserver

[RFA] regcache pseudo-reg tweak

Re: [RFA] remove fprintf (stderr, ...) from dwarf2read.c

[RFA] rs6000-tdep.c: arch switching buglet

[rfa] S/390 gdbserver

[RFA] Select a particular mangling of a demangled symbol in lookup_block_symbol

Re: [RFA] Sorting symbols. Again.

[RFA] stabsread.c: Fix for `ptype class Static' stabs FAIL

[RFA] win32-nat printf and sprintf removal

[RFA]: ARM: Fix parameter handling of FP types in arm_push_arguments()

[RFA]: Fix FP handling for non-multiarched targets

[RFC 2nd ver] New info command for win32 native target

[RFC] Allow '!' in program paths

[RFC] document Cygwin native specific commands

Re: [RFC] document cygwin native specific commands

Re: [RFC] document Cygwin native specific commands

Re: [RFC] document cygwin native specific commands

Re: [RFC] document Cygwin native specific commands

Re: [RFC] document cygwin native specific commands

[RFC] Gdb line table implementation tweak

[RFC] handle signal passing to debuggee for win32 native target.

[RFC] New info command for win32 native target

[RFC] remote: semantics of 'k' (kill) message

[rfc] Update texinfo.texi, standards.texi, make-stds.texi

[RFD] How to fix FRAME_CHAIN_VALID redefinition in config/i386/tm-i386v4.h ?

Re: Additional patches for UnixWare {2.1.3,7.1.0} support

Re: ARI and DUP filenames

ARM float changes

Confusion over the definition of 'bool' in rdi-share/host.h

dejagnu: multilib detection improvement

extra doco

Fix PR gdb/265, 64-bit pointers in Java

function pointer stabs (was Re: RFA: MI tests: tolerate prototypes)

Re: GDB 5.1.1 porting patches for POSIX 1003.1-2001 hosts

Re: GDB cvs won't build on AIX 4.1

GDBINIT_FILENAME macro in config/i386/xm-cygwin.h

Re: hw watchpoint/breakpoint support for xscale

Infinite loop in make_cv_type

is my spu patch acceptable?

Obvious patch for x86-64 committed

PATCH arm - make XXX_MAKE_MSYMBOL_SPECIAL call functions

PATCH ARM - multi-arch multi-abi breakpoint handling

PATCH ARM convert COERCE_FLOAT_TO_DOUBLE to multi-arch

PATCH ARM fix non-ansi function declaration

PATCH ARM initial support for different floating-point models

PATCH ARM Linux -> ARM GNU/Linux

PATCH ARM move some more bits to level-2 style

PATCH ARM set up a few more default values

PATCH ARM support a multi-arch compatible way of doing call dummys

PATCH arm-elf remove redundant defines

PATCH arm/linux fix build problems

PATCH ARM/Linux gdbarch a couple of shared-lib defined

PATCH ARM/Linux multi-arch a few easy things

PATCH arm/netbsd a.out core file support

PATCH ARM/NetBSD detect a.out-style shared libs

PATCH ARM/NetBSD fix {fetch|store}_inferior_registers

PATCH ARM/NetBSD handle elf core files

PATCH ARM/NetBSD is now fully multi-arch

PATCH bring more ARM stuff to multi-arch level 2

PATCH fix arm-linux-nat.c to use regcache_collect

PATCH gdb/arm make frame macros into functions

Re: patch linux-mips-low.c

PATCH Missing dependecies for memattr.o

PATCH move arm frame functions to level-2 style gdbarch




PATCH Remove extraneous conflict markers from ChangeLog

PATCH to avoid infinite loop in cplus-dem.c on some EDG names

PATCH to dejagnu/example/calc/

PATCH to dejagnu/lib/remote.exp:check_for_board_status

PATCH to dwarf2read.c

PATCH/c++: Fix overloaded operator calling

PATCH/c++: Print member functions successfully

PATCH/RFC testsuite: restore timeouts after watchpoint tests

PATCH/testsuite: guard test in ending-run.exp with stdio check

PATCH: Add myself as write-after-approval maintainer

PATCH: Add rules to build the register data files in gdbserver

Re: Patch: complete -vs- duplicates, take 2

Patch: Dwarf2 reader -vs- DW_OP_piece

PATCH: fix mips gdbserver gunk

Re: PATCH: fix spurious overlapping-region complaint for contiguous regions

PATCH: Fix v3 and virtual function calling

PATCH: gdbserver README and configury

PATCH: Linux->GNU/Linux in MIPS port

PATCH: new "void" memory region attribute

PATCH: obvious: testsuite/gdb.base/funcargs.c: fix declaration

PATCH: parse Sun's syntax for prototyped function types.

PATCH: run callfwmall.exp only on HP-UX

PATCH: tweak bcache declarations

PATCH: update other config.* files

Remove obsolete stuff from ia64-linux configuration

RFA gdb/utils.c (gdb_realpath) fallback patch for sco3.2v5

RFA/Patch Solaris /proc configury

RFA/testsuite/c++: Overhaul userdef.exp

Re: RFA: complex numbers in c-valprint.c

RFA: Do solib address arithmetic with appropriate truncation

RFA: Elaborate on new overlay support

RFA: Fix sparc-specific MI tests

RFA: handle GDB prompt appearing in command output

RFA: MI tests: tolerate prototypes

RFA: mi: correct loop printing args or locals

RFA: parse output from `info sources' one filename at a time

RFA: parse Sun's STABS syntax for prototyped function types

RFA: print prototyped function types with no arguments correctly

RFA: Recognize bottom of stack on Linux

Re: RFA: Recognize corefile error message as failure

RFA: test GDB's ability to print prototyped function types

RFA: test printing prototyped function types

RFC ARM multi-arch and object format detection

RFC/PATCH Fix some timeouts in the testsuite


SH5 simulator contribution

Signal trampoline handling on m68k-linux

SIM: Handle XScale COFF binaries

Re: stdbool.h

Test for makeinfo in the build tree, not for its Makefile


your stabsread patch

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