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[maint] Objective C and MacOS X


This change fixes a foobar by *ME* going back probably two years :-(

When I first started out in this GDB adminstration caper (and the GDB 
CVS repository was made public) I pressured a number of people into 
taking on maintenance roles.

Doing this was was a mistake on my part.

As recent contributors have learnt, the norm is now for a person to only 
be come a maintainer after their new target/component has been fully 

I have discussed this with both Jim and Klee and it was agreed that 
removing these roles until the relevant code was integrated was probably 
best. (Hey I've got hold of MacOS X and hopefully a bit of post 5.2 
branch time so watch out :-).

sorry for this one,
2002-02-28  Andrew Cagney  <>

	* MAINTAINERS: Fix Mac OS X and Objective-C/C++.

RCS file: /cvs/src/src/gdb/MAINTAINERS,v
retrieving revision 1.154
diff -u -r1.154 MAINTAINERS
--- MAINTAINERS	2002/03/01 03:30:59	1.154
+++ MAINTAINERS	2002/03/01 03:41:40
@@ -241,8 +241,6 @@
 			Peter Schauer
 Solaris/SPARC native & host (devolved)
                         Michael Snyder
-Mac OS X		Klee Dienes
-			Jim Ingham
@@ -281,10 +279,8 @@
   Java support (devolved)
 			Per Bothner
 			Anthony Green
-  Objective-C/C++	Klee Dienes
-			Jim Ingham
   Pascal support	Pierre Muller
-Scheme support		Jim Blandy
+  Scheme support	Jim Blandy
 shared libs (devolved)	Jim Blandy
 			Kevin Buettner

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