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[patch] Move J.T. Conklin to past maintainers


This change just formalise what has been going on for the last few months.

2002-02-28  Andrew Cagney  <>

	* MAINTAINERS (Past Maintainers): Add J.T. Conklin.

RCS file: /cvs/src/src/gdb/MAINTAINERS,v
retrieving revision 1.153
diff -u -r1.153 MAINTAINERS
--- MAINTAINERS	2002/03/01 01:55:35	1.153
+++ MAINTAINERS	2002/03/01 03:22:15
@@ -235,7 +235,6 @@
 FreeBSD native & host	Mark Kettenis
 			David O'Brien
 hurd native		Mark Kettenis
-NetBSD native & host	J.T. Conklin
 SCO/Unixware		Robert Lipe
 GNU/Linux ARM native	Scott Bambrough
 Solaris/x86 native & host (devolved)
@@ -292,7 +291,6 @@
   xcoffsolib		Peter Schauer
 remote.c		Andrew Cagney
-			J.T. Conklin
 include/remote-sim.h, remote-sim.c
 			Andrew Cagney
 sds protocol		Fernando Nasser
@@ -311,7 +309,6 @@
   hp tests (gdb.hp)	(vacant)
   Java tests (	Anthony Green
 Kernel Object Display	Fernando Nasser
-dcache.c		J.T. Conklin
 UI: External (user) interfaces.
@@ -406,6 +403,8 @@
 Nick Duffek (powerpc, SCO, Sol/x86)		nick at duffek dot com
 David Taylor (d10v, sparc, utils, defs,
   expression evaluator, language support)	taylor at candd dot org
+J.T. Conklin (dcache, NetBSD, remote)		jtc at redback dot com
 Folks that have been caught up in a paper trail:

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