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Re: Infinite loop in make_cv_type

This gets even more bizarre.  I set a some breakpoints, one on 
make_cv_type, and another on dbx_next_symbol_text.  Now at the point of 
making the cv variant for the first time the previous call to 
dbx_next_symbol_text had returned

$736 = 0x509b43 "__comp_ctor::811:_ZNSt14_STL_auto_lockC1ERSt15_STL_mutex_l

But going up the stack from make_cv_type we find:

(top-gdb) up
#1  0x000dac20 in read_type (pp=0xefbfca04, objfile=0x297000)
    at /nfs/sun18/work/rearnsha/gnusrc/src/gdb/src/gdb/stabsread.c:2682
2682          type = make_cv_type (TYPE_CONST (type), 1, type,
(top-gdb) p *pp
$737 = 0x509c1d ",21;:_ZNSt14_STL_auto_lockaSERKS_;0A.;\\"

But this is part of the text that is returned by the next call to 

(top-gdb) c

Breakpoint 12, dbx_next_symbol_text (objfile=0x297000)
    at /nfs/sun18/work/rearnsha/gnusrc/src/gdb/src/gdb/dbxread.c:999
999     }
$738 = 0x509bc6 "__comp_dtor::813:_ZNSt14_STL_auto_lockD1Ev;2A.;operator=::

Any suggestions as to how the stabs reader might be getting ahead of 
itself?  Is there another function that might be returning the stabs 
string?  I don't think dbx_next_symbol_text has ever returned this 


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