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Re: [RFC 2nd ver] New info command for win32 native target

[Hmm.  I never saw the original of this message]
On Mon, Feb 18, 2002 at 09:29:31PM +0200, Eli Zaretskii wrote:
>> Date: Mon, 18 Feb 2002 14:59:37 +0100
>> From: Pierre Muller <>
>> After the remarks from Eli and Christopher, I 
>> change my patch to try to complete their requests.
>> +@node Win32 Native
>I suggest "Windows" instead of "Win32".  Some people, including some
>that belong to The Powers That Be, don't like calling Windows ``a
>win'', and we don't want to rewrite large portions of the manual
>every time they look at our documentation ;-)

Actually, I think it should be called Cygwin.  We don't call it "MS-DOS" immediately

>>+@cindex @sc{Win32} debugging
>It's not recommended to use @sc on a string that involves both lower-
>and upper-case letters.

>> +@item info w32 selector
>> +This command displays information returned by
>> +the Win32 API GetThreadSelectorEntry function.
>The string "GetThreadSelectorEntry" is a name of a function, so it
>should be in @code.
>> +@item new-group
>> +This boolean value controls whether the debuggee should
>> +start a new group or stay in the same group as the debugger.
>> +This affects the handling of certain Win32 exceptions.
>I think this description should be expanded a bit (what exceptions?
>affects how?).

I think it basically gives the inferior process its own process group.
I think that means that if gdb sees a CTRL-C, it won't be automatically
passed to the inferior.

FWIW, the "info dll" command is actually the same thing as "info
shared", if you want to add that description, too.  dll-symbols loads
symbols from a dll similarly to add-sym but without the need to specify
a base address.

With the above changes, I think this is fine to check in.


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