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[PATCH] run > file for win32

I've just adapted some patches from Tak Ota to win32-nat.c.

Tak's patch didn't seem to be complete but the concept was so nice that
I took some time in the last few days and finished things.

The result is that you can use shell meta characters in gdb now, so
things like 'run < foo > bar' now work.

Since this is a departure from previous behavior, I turned this is off
by default.  I added a 'set shell' command to control whether it is used
or not.

Hmm.  I forgot to document this, didn't I?  I'll submit that patch later.

Thanks you for your contribution, Tak!  I've wanted this in the windows
version of gdb for a long time.


2002-02-15  Christopher Faylor  <>
            Tak Ota <>

	* win32-nat.c (get_image_name): New function.
	(handle_load_dll): Use get_image_name function.
	(get_child_debug_event): Avoid registering debug events until possibly
	execed process is started.
	(child_create_inferior): Allow invocation via shell so that command
	line redirection, etc.  works ok.
	(_initialize_inftarg): Add new command: "set shell" to control whether
	a shell is used to start a process.

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