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Re: PATCH to avoid infinite loop in cplus-dem.c on some EDG names

>>>>> "Daniel" == Daniel Jacobowitz <> writes:

    Daniel> Thanks for the patch - but demangler patches need to go to
    Daniel>  The demangler is maintained
    Daniel> outside of GDB.

Thanks --- i wasn't completely sure where was appropriate.  I've sent
another copy there.

    Daniel> Are you testing C++ support on this compiler?  I'd be
    Daniel> quite surprised if it worked - though not unpleasantly.

I've used gcc 4.18 with that compiler for quite a while.
It doesn't really understand the C++ stuff, but it works well enough
to be useful.  With gdb 5, though, i started seeing this problem
with gdb sometimes getting stuck reading in EDG symbols.
(Actually, i first reported this in sept. 99 in reference to the SGI C++
compiler; i didn't send a patch at that point though).  KAI now has their
own set of patches to gdb 5, but it would be nice to be able to do something
useful with the standard version.  (Plus, i saw this problem occur once
even in their patched version.)


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