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Re: function pointer stabs (was Re: RFA: MI tests: tolerate prototypes)

All right --- I've committed a change to allow GDB to read Sun-style
prototyped function types, and I've posted tests for it, which
hopefully will be approved soon.  So it's you GCC guys' turn to teach
GCC to emit those, now that you have a GDB you can test against.

The format is documented in:

Also, the test case includes examples of the sort of STABS GDB expects
to see:

/**** Pointers to functions *******/

typedef int (*func_type) (int (*) (int, float), float);
double (*old_fptr) ();
double (*new_fptr) (void);
int (*fptr) (int, float);
int *(*fptr2) (int (*) (int, float), float);
int (*xptr) (int (*) (), int (*) (void), int);
int (*(*ffptr) (char)) (short);
int (*(*(*fffptr) (char)) (short)) (long);

/* Here are the sort of stabs we expect to see for the above:

   .stabs "func_type:t(0,100)=*(0,101)=g(0,1)(0,102)=*(0,103)=g(0,1)(0,1)(0,14)#(0,14)#",128,0,234,0
   .stabs "old_fptr:G(0,110)=*(0,111)=f(0,15)",32,0,231,0
   .stabs "new_fptr:G(0,120)=*(0,121)=g(0,15)(0,122)=(0,122)#",32,0,232,0
   .stabs "fptr:G(0,130)=*(0,103)#",32,0,233,0
   .stabs "fptr2:G(0,140)=*(0,141)=g(0,142)=*(0,1)(0,102)(0,14)#",32,0,235,0
   .stabs "xptr:G(0,150)=*(0,151)=g(0,1)(0,152)=*(0,153)=f(0,1)(0,154)=*(0,155)=g(0,1)(0,122)#(0,1)#",32,0,236,0
   .stabs "ffptr:G(0,160)=*(0,161)=g(0,162)=*(0,163)=g(0,1)(0,8)#(0,2)#",32,0,237,0\
   .stabs "fffptr:G(0,170)=*(0,171)=g(0,172)=*(0,173)=g(0,174)=*(0,175)=g(0,1)(0,3)#(0,8)#(0,2)#",32,0,237,0

   Most of these use Sun's extension for prototyped function types ---
   the 'g' type descriptor.  As of around 9 Feb 2002, GCC didn't emit
   those, but GDB can read them, so the related tests in ptype.exp
   will all xfail.  */

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