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[RFA] win32-nat printf and sprintf removal

I replaced printf by printf_unfiltered (or printf_filtered 
when there where other printf_filtered in the same function)
and sprintf by xasprintf in win32-nat.c source.

Does this enter in the obvious fix rules or not?

2002-02-08  Pierre Muller  <>

	* win32-nat.c : Remove use of printf and sprintf functions.

Index: win32-nat.c
RCS file: /cvs/src/src/gdb/win32-nat.c,v
retrieving revision 1.47
diff -u -p -r1.47 win32-nat.c
--- win32-nat.c	2002/02/06 09:27:29	1.47
+++ win32-nat.c	2002/02/08 17:24:56
@@ -86,10 +86,10 @@ static int debug_registers_used = 0;
  #define CYGWIN_SIGNAL_STRING "cygwin: signal"
  #define CHECK(x)	check (x, __FILE__,__LINE__)
-#define DEBUG_EXEC(x)	if (debug_exec)		printf x
-#define DEBUG_EVENTS(x)	if (debug_events)	printf x
-#define DEBUG_MEM(x)	if (debug_memory)	printf x
-#define DEBUG_EXCEPT(x)	if (debug_exceptions)	printf x
+#define DEBUG_EXEC(x)	if (debug_exec)		printf_unfiltered x 
+#define DEBUG_EVENTS(x)	if (debug_events)	printf_unfiltered x
+#define DEBUG_MEM(x)	if (debug_memory)	printf_unfiltered x
+#define DEBUG_EXCEPT(x)	if (debug_exceptions)	printf_unfiltered x
  /* Forward declaration */
  extern struct target_ops child_ops;
@@ -785,7 +785,7 @@ info_dll_command (char *ignore, int from
    if (!so->next)
-  printf ("%*s  Load Address\n", -max_dll_name_len, "DLL Name");
+  printf_filtered ("%*s  Load Address\n", -max_dll_name_len, "DLL Name"); 
    while ((so = so->next) != NULL)
      printf_filtered ("%*s  %08lx\n", -max_dll_name_len, so->name, so->load_addr);
@@ -826,7 +826,7 @@ handle_output_debug_string (struct targe
  #define DEBUG_EXCEPTION_SIMPLE(x)       if (debug_exceptions) \
-  printf ("gdb: Target exception %s at 0x%08lx\n", x, \
+  printf_unfiltered ("gdb: Target exception %s at 0x%08lx\n", x, \
    (DWORD) current_event.u.Exception.ExceptionRecord.ExceptionAddress)
  static int
@@ -1763,9 +1763,9 @@ cygwin_pid_to_str (ptid_t ptid)
    int pid = PIDGET (ptid);
    if ((DWORD) pid == current_event.dwProcessId)
-    sprintf (buf, "process %d", pid);
+    xaprintf (buf, "process %d", pid);
-    sprintf (buf, "thread %ld.0x%x", current_event.dwProcessId, pid);
+    xasprintf (buf, "thread %ld.0x%x", current_event.dwProcessId, pid);
    return buf;
@@ -2009,7 +2009,7 @@ _initialize_check_for_gdb_ini (void)
  	  int len = strlen (oldini);
  	  char *newini = alloca (len + 1);
-	  sprintf (newini, "%.*s.gdbinit", 
+	  xasprintf (newini, "%.*s.gdbinit", 
  	    (int) (len - (sizeof ("gdb.ini") - 1)), oldini);
  	  warning ("obsolete '%s' found. Rename to '%s'.", oldini, newini);

Pierre Muller
Institut Charles Sadron
6,rue Boussingault
Phone : (33)-3-88-41-40-07  Fax : (33)-3-88-41-40-99

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