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Re: [RFA]: ARM: Fix parameter handling of FP types in arm_push_arguments()

> Hi,
> while running the testsuite on ARM, I found that the handling
> of type `float' as argument type in the function arm_push_arguments()
> is pretty buggy.
> For some reason the size of float arguments was always given as
> sizeof(float) even when K&R style functions are called which
> expect the float arguments with sizeof(double).
> Up to this point one would expect that calling K&R functions with
> float arguments is broken.
> As a matter of fact, arm_push_arguments() coerced float args
> always to double types so that K&R functions were happy while
> calling ANSI style functions getting float args were broken.
> The below fix is doing two things now.
> - It adds the macro COERCE_FLOAT_TO_DOUBLE() to config/arm/tm-arm.h,
>   calling standard_coerce_float_to_double().  This results in
>   floats being coerced to double already *before* arm_push_arguments()
>   is called.
> - It eliminates the now useless (and wrong) special float handling
>   from arm_push_arguments().
> Corinna
> 2002-02-08  Corinna Vinschen  <>
> 	* arm-tdep.c (arm_push_arguments): Eliminate special float
> 	type handling.
> 	* config/arm/tm-arm.h (COERCE_FLOAT_TO_DOUBLE): Define to
> 	call standard_coerce_float_to_double().

This looks good to me.  Is there a anything in the testsuite that is fixed 
by this?  If not, can you provide one.


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