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Re: [RFA] fix for utils.c bool problem

> but the ``I think'' highlights the problem :-(  I don't think we should 
>> be working around problems in an un released BFD :-/
> I don't follow that.  If we ever, ever built using a "system" bfd.h,
> maybe.  BFD is part of our source distribution, for all that it is
> owned by a different group.  "Released" doesn't mean anything.

BFD and GDB share a common repository as this allows close co-operation. 
  If it were possible, we'd be sharing a repository with GCC.  These GDB 
vs BFD problems come up all the time (this one is just extra nasty :-). 
  I think both GDB and BINUTILS should be getting together and fixing 
the problem.  Obviously if this had come up after a branch had been cut, 
I'd likely be giving a very different story - HACK - fortunatly it didn't.

> The names that would need to be changed are 'true' and 'false'.  That's
> a problem of fairly great magnitude.

While the problem is going to cause much entropy in the code, it should 
also be 100% mechanical.  Look at other changes that have gone through 
GDB they were far less mechanical but still successful.

As they say, GDB can provide BINUTILS with the necessary technical 
knowledge :-^


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