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Re: [RFC] New info command for win32 native target

On Wed, 6 Feb 2002, Pierre Muller wrote:

>    This patch adds a new win32 native specific command:
> "info sel"

Thanks.  A couple of comments:

  - this command needs to be documented in gdb.texinfo, similarly to 
    "info dos ldt" and friends (and in the same chapter, but in a 
    different subsection);

  - since it's a Windows-specific command, I suggest to name it
    "info w32 sel" or "info windows sel" or maybe "info cygwin sel":
    something that will tell it's not available on every platform
    (actually, using ``seg'' instead of ``sel'' might probably be even 
    better, since the information you show is about a segment whose 
    selector is passed as an argument);

  - I think it's a good idea to make the format used to print the segment
    as similar as possible to the one used by "info dos ..." commands;

  - why do you only print CS, DS, and FS if no argument is given? why not 
    all of the segment registers? I think at least SS and GS might be 

Finally, will this work on non-x86 systems running MS-Windows (assuming
Cygwin supports such systems)?  The register names are x86-specific, 

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