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>  * gdbarch.h (SMASH_TEXT_ADDRESS): Add multi-arch defines.
> 	* (SMASH_TEXT_ADDRESS): Add rule.
> 	* gdbarch.c (struct gdbarch): Add entry for it.
> 	(startup_gdbarch): Likewise.
> 	(gdbarch_alloc): Default it.
> 	(verify_gdbarch): Skip verify of it.
> 	(gdbarch_dump): Dump it.
> 	(gdbarch_smash_text_address): New function.

FYI, just do this: (SMASH_TEXT_ADDRESS): Add rule.
	gdbarch.h, gdbarch.c: Re-generate.

And then in the gdb directory run:


It will generate new-gdbarch.[hc] which you can examine/copy into place. 
  I noticed slight differences when running this.

> ! 		    if (tmpaddr & 1)	/* FIXME: delete this line */
> ! 		      SMASH_TEXT_ADDRESS (tmpaddr);
> ! #endif

I would have been more conservative with this (if 
(SMASH_TEXT_ADDRESS_P()) ... but as you noticed there are only two 
definitions and they both just mask out the bottom bits - the test is 
probably even bogus for HP/UX.

> + # It is not at all clear why SMASH_TEXT_ADDRESS is not folded into 
> + f:2:SMASH_TEXT_ADDRESS:CORE_ADDR:smash_text_address:CORE_ADDR addr:addr:::core_addr_identity::0

I agree.  Suggest creating a bug report so someone (else - me?) gets to 
investigate further.

This one was nastier then it first looked, but yes fine.


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