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Re: 6 GCC regressions, 6 new, with your patch on 2002-01-29T19:24:37Z.

<**광 고**> 몰카테이프 홍보 동영상 감상하세여~!!


[Fwd: [rfa] Call methods with proper promotion]

[Fwd: [rfa] Move ``typedef value_ptr'' to gdbtk-wrapper.h]

[maint/rfc] Update who can approve unmaintained target patches

[maint] Add Elena, Eli and Kevin to write list

[maint] Daniel J as C++ maintainer

[maint] Doco multi-arch status of targets

[maint] Jeff W in write after and other tweeks

[maint] Rolled ChangeLog -> ChangeLog 2001


[patch/5.1.0.x] (C) in gdbmi.texinfo

[patch/doc] Remove -> Remote

[patch/rfa:rs6000] Eliminate warning_begin()

Re: [patch/rfa] Drop some arm-* targets

[patch/rfc] Clean out #if UI_OUT

[patch/rfc] clean up type_error() and range_error()

[patch/rfc] Don't assume the host

[patch/rfc] Don't include <endian.h>

[patch/rfc] Eliminate INVALID_FLOAT (almost)

[patch/rfc] Eliminate TARGET_BYTE_ORDER from config/*/*

[patch/rfc] Eliminate TARGET_BYTE_ORDER_DEFAULT


[patch/rfc] internal-error quit by default ..

[patch/rfc] Remove last IEEE_FLOAT use

[patch/rfc] rename CLEAN_UP_REGISTER_VALUE to DEPRECATED_...

[patch/rfc] Simplify target_map_name_to_register() - NUM_REGS + NUM_PSEUDO_REGS

[patch/rfc] Zap error_begin(), juggle verror() and error_stream()

[patch/testsuite] Obsolete a29k references in testsuite

[patch] 5.1.1 tweeks on trunk

[patch] <string.h> -> "gdb_string.h"

[PATCH] [2/5] Use DWARF-2 DW_AT_artificial information

[PATCH] Add command 'generate-core-file'

[patch] Add ser-tcp.o to all NetBSD host Makefile fragments

[PATCH] add tests for new options, maint info sections

Re: [patch] allow darwin as cross compile host

Re: [patch] AltiVec support for PSIM.

[patch] Amost final s/value_ptr/struct value */


[PATCH] breakpoint.c, coding standard fix-ups

[PATCH] crasher in solib-legacy.c



[PATCH] Disable fpxregs in gcore files.

[patch] Eliminate CALL_DUMMY from Alpha target

[patch] Eliminate EXTRA_FRAME_INFO for Alpha target

[patch] elimnate MALLOC_INCOMPATIBLE

[PATCH] Export fill_fpxregset

[PATCH] export gdb_fpxregset_t, fill_fpxregset/supply_fpxregset

[PATCH] fix BFD's core support on FreeBSD 4.[2-9]

[PATCH] Fix changelogs and copyrights from last commit

[PATCH] Fix compilation of i386gnu-nat.c

[PATCH] fix copyright dates again

[PATCH] Fix formatting in valops.c

[PATCH] fix inferior_pid argument for arm-netbsd

[PATCH] Fix reversed xcalloc() calls in solib-*.c

[PATCH] fix solib-svr4.c with 64-bit bfd

[PATCH] fix test script ERRORs in 5.1 branch

[patch] Fix the s/BIG_ENDIAN/BFD_ENDIAN_BIG/ that I missed

[PATCH] Fix warning in p-valrint.c

[patch] fnchange.lst changes

Re: [PATCH] i386 register shuffle

[patch] Initialize TYPE_FLOATFORMAT for h/w types

[patch] Make i386nbsd-nat.c compile again

[PATCH] Makefile rule for gcore, linux-proc modules.

[PATCH] Mention "trust-readonly-sections in NEWS.

[patch] Mention i386 problem

[PATCH] Minor change in sh-tdep.c

[patch] Missing menu entries for Remote Debugging chapte

[patch] More Alpha cleanup

[PATCH] more copyright fixes

[patch] More low-hanging fruit in Alpha target

[PATCH] New test for "info proc" command.

[patch] Obsolete a29k C code

Re: [patch] Overhaul i386nbsd-nat.c, add support for XMM + ELF core files

[patch] Overhaul i386nbsd-nat.c, add support for XMM + ELF core files

[PATCH] ppc-linux-nat.c: gdbarch_tdep cleanup

[patch] Really obsolete all a29k targets

[patch] remove attribute_unused

[PATCH] remove hp-[p]symtab-read.c & hpread.c

[patch] remove MacOS <10 support

[patch] Remove REGISTER_NAMES from alpha target

[patch] Remove XDEPFILES

[PATCH] Replace some literal consts with enums.

[patch] s/BIG_ENDIAN/BFD_ENDIAN/BIG/ attempt two

[PATCH] sh-tdep.c cleanup

[PATCH] sh-tdep.c register interface cleanups.

[PATCH] Some FIXME comments about alloca size.

[PATCH] stabsread.c: deal with SUN's compiler error

[PATCH] thread-db.c, indentation fix.

[PATCH] tracepoint.c

[patch] Use MAXPATHLEN, fix sunos build problem

[patch] use phex_nz() not sprintf()

[PATCH] white space tweak

[patch] Yet more Alpha cleanup

[patch] zap empty xm-lynx.h files

[patch] zap longest_raw_hex_string

[patch] Zap remaining calls to error_begin()

[patch] zap some empty xm-*.h files

[patch] Zap the IEEE_FLOAT that escaped

Re: [patch]: fix psim / --disable-sim-inline lossage

[PATCH]: Remove "xbreak" and "txbreak" to hppa target code.

[PATCH]: xstormy16-tdep.c, xstormy16_skip_prologue() better handles frameless functions

[RFA 2] Debug register support in win32-nat.c

Re: [RFA 2] Debug register support in win32-nat.c (need opinions)

Re: [RFA 2] Debug register support in win32-nat.c (need opinions)

[RFA/c++ testsuite] Accept v2 demangler quirk

Re: [rfa/c++] Fix "virtual baseclass botch"

[rfa/cli] s/NO_FUNCTION/NULL/

[rfa/doc] Cleanups examples

[rfa/doc] Mark a29k references as obsolete

[rfa/doc] tex -> texindex -> tex -> texindex -> tex

[rfa/doco] Move protocol to an appendix

[rfa/doco] Srink the overlay diagram

[RFA/RFC 2] Remove hardware break and watchpoints at program exit.

Re: [RFA/RFC 3] Remove hardware break and watchpoints at program exit.

[RFA/RFC 3] Remove hardware break and watchpoints at program exit.

[rfa/rfc/testsuite] Obsolete testsuite/gdb.hp/gdb.threads-hp/ directory

[RFA/RFC] Add i386_cleanup_dregs at program exit.

[RFA/testsuite] Allow __libc_start_main above main in annota1.exp

[rfa/testsuite] Fix completion.exp on relative srcdir path

[RFA/testsuite] Fix linux-dp failure for multiple targets


[RFA] "Help" command and completion

[RFA] [1/5] Use DWARF-2 DW_AT_artificial information

[RFA] [3/5] Use DWARF-2 DW_AT_artificial information

[RFA] [4/5] Use DWARF-2 DW_AT_artificial information

[RFA] [5/5] Use DWARF-2 DW_AT_artificial information

[RFA] Accept compiler internal use of memcpy/bcopy for structs

[RFA] Accept simulator exit message

[rfa] Add ``Maintenance Commands'' appendix

[RFA] add gcore to NEWS

[RFA] Add gdbtk to TAGS makefile target.

[RFA] Add new cmd line parameter "--pid" for attach.

Re: [RFA] Allow casting of object pointers for method calls

[RFA] arm linux nat and regcache

Re: [RFA] Bugfixes in x86-64 target

[RFA] Change "pid_t" param to long (portability)

Re: [RFA] Crasher bug in infptrace.c

[RFA] Documentation -- 'set trust-readonly-sections'

Re: [RFA] Don't use thread_db on corefiles

Re: [RFA] error-catching mechanism for scripts

[RFA] Find and read symbol files after attach (linux)

[RFA] Fix for searching for data symbols

[RFA] Fix i386 macro cleanup fall out in go32-nat.c

[RFA] Fix memory corruption bug in mdebugread.c

[RFA] gdb/top.c: bump copyright year in banner

[RFA] gdbserver --attach support

[RFA] gdbtypes.[ch] rs6000-tdep.c--AltiVec regs types

[RFA] get win32-nat target to compile again.

[RFA] info sharedlibrary fix

[RFA] legacy_[read/write]_register_gen

[rfa] more ``releasing GDB'' review

[rfa] Move remote stuff to new chapter

[RFA] New "generate-core-file" command, supercedes previous

[RFA] New command "info proc" for Linux

[RFA] New option "trust-readonly-sections"

[RFA] Only need one "maint info breakpoint" test

[RFA] Patch for THUMB skip_prologue code

Re: [RFA] procfs.c: iterating over memory regions.

[rfa] Remove doc/libgdb.texinfo

[RFA] Remove KERNEL_U_ADDR from config/nm-nbsd.h

[RFA] Remove some gcc xfails in derivation.exp

[RFA] Remove some obsolete gcc xfails from overload.exp

[RFA] remove unwanted output in breakpoint_re_set_one

[RFA] resubmit: cached function lookup; strict return type analysis

[RFA] Resubmit: get shared libs after attach (linux)

[RFA] Revised patch: fix crasher bug in child_xfer_memory

[RFA] Sorting symbols. Again.

[RFA] Stabsreader and const/volatile

[RFA] stack.c: move address printing into hook (fwd)

[RFA] Support for alpha*-*-netbsd*

[RFA] symfile.c -- one more bfd access method change

[RFA] symfile.c -- use bfd access methods

[RFA] symfile.c/generic_load cleanups

[RFA] varobj.c c++ fixes

Re: [RFA] x86-64 bugfixes x86-64 target 2

Re: [RFA] x86-64 target bugfixes 3

Re: [RFA] x86-64 target config patch

Re: [RFA]: testsuite/gdb.base/a2-bin.exp: Consider `needs_status_wrapper' target_info

Re: [RFC/patch 5.1] change NUM_REALREGS to NUM_REGS

[RFC] "info registers" is misleading

[RFC] const qualifiers in gdb.c++/method.exp

Re: [RFC] Partial support for dwarf3 DW_AT_ranges

[RFC] PATCH gdb/arm convert to CALL_DUMMY_WORDS

[wip] How to release section

[이쁜광고] 달빛곰 뽀야? 감동입니다

Add myself to MAINTAINERS

Add OpenRisc32 support to config.sub

Added self to MAINTAINERS

Re: Additional patches for UnixWare - procfs.c patch

Additional patches for UnixWare {2.1.3,7.1.0} support

ARM simulator maintainer

Bad checkin breaks Linux

Re: bug in gdb/target.c:target_signal_to_name

Re: bugfix gdb5.0/insight5.0

ChangeLog tweek

Re: dejagnu MMIX port

Re: Disable gdb.threads-hp

Doco for "generate-core-file" -- where?

Eliminate PARAMS from ARM files

final 5.1 gdb.texinfo diff

Fix PA structure passing

Fix whitespace.

Re: GDB 5.1.1

Re: GDB assumes texinfo 4.0 ...

Re: gdb.texinfo problem

GDB/ARM - Make REGISTER_NAME call a function

Re: Help needed with sparc

Re: I'd like to import config

Re: infttrace vs attach.exp


linux-core support broke i386 compilation

linux-proc readlink patch

Re: max 64 sections??

Minor testsuite fixes

More (C) tweeks for printed manual

new diff: gdb.texinfo

Patch backlog

Patch for build failure on UnixWare{2.1.3,7.1.0} in bfd/elf.c:elfcore_write_pstatus

Patch for building gdb on arm-netbsd

patch for gdb.texinfo

Re: Patch for handling of DW_AT_byte_size in DW_TAG_string_type and a some FORTRAN support

Re: Patch for handling of DW_AT_byte_size in DW_TAG_string_type and a some FORTRAN support

Patch for handling of DW_AT_byte_size in DW_TAG_string_type and a some FORTRAN support - committed

Patch ping

patch to add vxworks target to insight gui

PATCH to c-typeprint.c

PATCH to dwarf2read.c:decode_locdesc

PATCH to gdb.c++/*

patch to ignore SIGPWR and SIGXCPU (used by pthreads)

patch to robustify gnuv3_rtti_type

PATCH to stabsread.c:read_member_functions

PATCH to testsuite/gdb.c++/namespace.exp

PATCH to testsuite/gdb.c++/

PATCH: autoconfiscate SPU

PATCH: autoconfiscate SPU (take two)

Patch: complete -vs- duplicates, take 2

Patch: completion -vs- duplicates

PATCH: fix spurious overlapping-region complaint for contiguous regions

PATCH: procfs.c for UnixWare (v4)

Problem with your patch to is_type_conversion_operator

Re: remote.exp: fail properly if wrapper status message isn't found

Re: RFA: char is unsigned on some architectures

Re: RFA: check executable file's timestamp before running

RFA: complex numbers in c-valprint.c

Re: RFA: fix start symbol matching again

RFA: force output at predictable points in ending-run.c

RFA: i386 Linux: provide correct type for orig_eax register

RFA: Multilib support in gdb.asm tests

Re: RFA: Recognize corefile error message as failure

RFA: try to ensure abort has valid return address

RFA: Update dejagnu/lib/libgloss.exp for libstdc++-v3

RFC: ARM simulator coredump

RFC: possible bogus isnative check in list.exp

rluser.texinfo diff

Test for GCC debug symbol bug

Unixware gdb/procfs.c patch - v3

Updates for m68k-linux target

Re: Warning: is going away

Workaround patch for PR gdb/256 (v5.1)

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