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Re: [rfa/doco] Srink the overlay diagram

> "Eli Zaretskii" <> writes:
>> Leave the text outside the @example, and instead put "@need NUMBER"
>> before the @example which starts the diagram, where NUMBER is enough
>> to allow for both the diagram and the text after it.  I'd use 10000
>> for NUMBER, but if you can easily print that page after TeXing it,
>> simply measure how many inches of vertical space does the diagram and
>> the text take, and multiply that by 1000.
> As to the original "what's that doing there?" question: It's a
> caption.  Diagrams often have explanatory text, outside of the main
> flow of text.

They tend to be just figure titles.

> As to the formatting: anything that keeps that text immediately after
> the diagram is fine

It currently reads:

``To map an overlay, copy its code from the larger address space to the
instruction address space.  Since the overlays shown here all use the
same mapped address, only one may be mapped at a time.

This diagram shows a system with separate data and instruction address
spaces.  For a system with a single address space for data and
instructions, the diagram would be similar, except that the program
variables and heap would share an address space with the main program
and the overlay area.''

which to me is a little strange.  ``This diagram ...'' is the text 
straight after the diagram (but appears on the following page in the 
printed document).

I think:

	@example @group
	@anchor{x-spot the title}<title>
	@end end

Diagram @xref{x-spot the title} .... would work better.



PS: I've adjusted the diagram to have different size overlays.  Also 
added an @c comment explaining that it was intentional.  The reason for 
srinking the diagram height was to get it all onto one page.

PPS: Suggestions for a figure title welcome.

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