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Re: [patch/rfc] Eliminate TARGET_BYTE_ORDER_SELECTABLE

> Nope! I'm about to delete TARGET_BYTE_ORDER_DEFAULT.
>> There is this really nasty bit of code in arch-utils.c that roots around 
>> the internals of BFD and uses that to determine the initial architecture 
>> and byte-order.  Doing this ensures that GDB's behavour is better 
>> aligned with that of BINUTILS.
>> See arch-utils.c:initialize_current_architecture().
>> If GDB initializes its self to the wrong byte-order then there is likely 
>> a bug in BFD.
> Oh, I see.  I -think- this will work correctly for my targets; I'll
> check after you do it.

BTW, the MIPS has been using this since:

Wed Jun  7 18:27:51 2000  Andrew Cagney  <>

        * (DEFAULT_BFD_ARCH, DEFAULT_BFD_VEC): Use config.bfd
        to determine the default architecture / target.
        * acconfig (DEFAULT_BFD_ARCH, DEFAULT_BFD_VEC): Add.
        * configure, Regenerate.
        * arch-utils.c (set_endian): Better separate multi-arch and non-
        multi-arch cases.
        (set_endian_from_file): Call internal_error when multi-arch.
        (initialize_current_architecture): Rewrite logic selecting a byte
        (version.h): Include.

        * config/mips/tm-mips.h, config/mips/tm-bigmips64.h,
        config/mips/tm-bigmips.h: Delete definition of


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