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PATCH to stabsread.c:read_member_functions

This patch fixes gdb.c++/classes.exp:ptype Static when used with gcc 3.x
and stabs output.  The code in question was never correct, just a likely
guess; in particular, it got things wrong even with the v2 output for
Static::ii, where the plain function name ("ii") was the same as the
mangled form of the argument list (int, int == "ii").  For v3, we don't try
to do minimal output, so it will always guess wrong.

OK?  Should I just remove the bad code rather than comment it out?

2002-01-17  Jason Merrill  <>

	* stabsread.c (read_member_functions): Never guess that the given
	physname for a static member function is a stub.

*** stabsread.c.~1~	Wed Jan 16 18:52:33 2002
--- stabsread.c	Thu Jan 17 15:01:35 2002
*************** read_member_functions (struct field_info
*** 3206,3216 ****
--- 3206,3221 ----
  	    case '?':
  	      /* static member function.  */
  	      new_sublist->fn_field.voffset = VOFFSET_STATIC;
+ #if 0
+ 	      /* This was a kludge to try to get the right answer for gcc
+ 		 v2 stabs output.  In v3 we don't try to avoid writing out
+ 		 full mangled names, so this just causes problems.  */
  	      if (strncmp (new_sublist->fn_field.physname,
  			   main_fn_name, strlen (main_fn_name)))
  		  new_sublist->fn_field.is_stub = 1;
+ #endif

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