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Re: new diff: gdb.texinfo

On Wed, 16 Jan 2002, Brian Youmans wrote:

> 1. I have removed the change I made adding the GFDL to the list of
> Invariant Sections in the copying permissions - RMS does not think it
> is proper to list it as an "Invariant Section", although it is
> effectively one anyways, since you can't alter or remove it.

Yes, the GFDL usage guidelines on clearly say GFDL itself
shouldn't be marked invariant since its text already prohibits its

> 3. This makes more fixes to the multitables.  Have I mentioned lately
> how much I *hate* multitables?

There's no reason to hate @multitable, IMHO, it's just that the GDB
manual abuses it: it tries to squeeze too much information into a
table, and the table items have too many @code markup in them, so TeX
cannot break the lines in a useful way.  Unfortunately, I don't know
enough about the related subject matter (the remote protocol) to
rewrite that table.

> 4. I put in a FIXME at one spot I noticed where I think a word is 
> missing.

Thanks, I will fix it.

Andrew, I don't know whether I should bother checking in these changes
on the branch anymore, what with your intent to release v5.2 from the
trunk.  Please advise.

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