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Re: [RFA] New command "info proc" for Linux

> Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2002 09:07:39 -0800
> From: Michael Snyder <>
> > 
> > Michael, please don't forget the documentation.  Thanks.
> Not straightforward.  Couple of issues:
> 1) The old implementation of the "info proc" command was 
> poorly documented -- many of the documented sub-commands
> were never implemented.  And the command was only available
> on "/proc" systems (real ones, not Linux).
> 2) The stuff I've just added will ONLY work on Linux, 
> not on other ("real") /proc systems.

Does that mean the functionality of this command differs on these two
classes of systems?  If so, we could:

 (a) document the functionality on both classes, telling which parts
 work on what systems;


 (b) document the GNU/Linux functionality that you just added, and
 leave the docs of what the command does on ``real'' /proc systems as
 it is now.

The latter will probably be easier for you (no need to figure out code
written by someone else ;-), and it doesn't make the situation worse
than it is now.  So I won't object if you do only (b).  (If you do, it
is possible that the Linux-specific docs could go into a new
subsection of the "Native" node, where system-specific features are

Does that address your concerns?

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