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Re: RFA: i386 Linux: provide correct type for orig_eax register

   From: Jim Blandy <>
   Date: 14 Jan 2002 16:59:49 -0500

   Andrew Cagney <> writes:
   > > I think we should #define HAVE_SSE_REGS unconditionally in
   > >> config/i386/tm-linux.h.  Later, when things are properly multi-arched,
   > >> we can decide whether we actually display thos registers based on the
   > >> actual processor model.
   > > Okay.  I'll give that a try.
   > I'm trying to decide if it will break something.
   > The old ``remote packet is defined by the layout of the register
   > buffer'' problem is lurking ready to strike :-(  This would put the
   > SSE registers into the register buffer causing GDB to try to send them
   > to a target that, rightly, doesn't expect them (hmm and also doesn't
   > support a register-write packet)

The new orig_eax register isn't in any publically released version of
GDB yet.  And actually I think your worries about the remote packet is
actually an argument to try to keep the remote packet the same for all
Linux targets.  Right now it will depend on the header files installed
on the system where GDB is built.

   Well, in that context, may I at least commit the change I posted?  It
   simply extends the pattern of i386_linux_register_raw_size,
   i386_linux_register_byte, and i386_linux_register_name.

I'd really prefer the unconditional #define of HAVE_SSE_REGS.


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