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Re: [RFA] varobj.c c++ fixes

> 2002-01-07  Keith Seitz  <>
> * varobj.c (varobj_set_value): Make sure that there were no
>         errors evaluating the object before attempting to set its
>         value.
>         value_cast now properly adjusts VALUE_ADDRESS for baseclasses,
>         so this offset adjustment is no longer necessary.
>         (create_child): Don't set the error flag if the child is
>         a CPLUS_FAKE_CHILD.
>         (value_of_child): If value_fetch_lazy fails, return NULL
>         so that callers will be notified that an error occurred.
>         (c_value_of_variable): Delay check of variable's validity
>         until later. We actually want all structs and unions to have
>         the value "{...}".
>         Do not return "???" for variables which could not be evaluated.
>         This error condition must be returned to the caller so that it
>         can get the error condition from gdb.
>         (cplus_name_of_child): Adjust index for vptr before figuring
>         out the name of the child.
>         (cplus_value_of_child): If a child's (real) parent is not valid,
>         don't even bother trying to give a value for it. Just return
>         an error. Change all instances in this function.
>         (cplus_type_of_child): If our parent is one of the "fake"
>         parents, we need to get at the type of the real parent, and
>         derive the child's true type using this information.

Outch, that broken.  Sigh.  Yes, ok.


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