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Re: RFA: Multilib support in gdb.asm tests

Nick Clifton <> writes:

> How about this alternative wording of the comment:
>   # WARNING: Invoking the assembler directly is problematic.
>   # For targets which support multilibs a compile time switch is used
>   # to select the appropriate multilibs.  This switch may not be same
>   # as the switch that the compiler will pass on to the assembler.  For
>   # example if big-endian and little-endian multilibs are supported
>   # the compiler options will probably be -mbig-endian and -mlittle-endian
>   # but, for historical reasons, the assembler options are probably -EB
>   # and -EL.
>   #
>   # Since these tests are supposed to be able to be run for targets for
>   # which there is no compiler we cannot just invoke a compiler driver
>   # program (eg 'gcc') to handle this translation for us.  For now we
>   # just hard code the endian translation and hope that there are no
>   # others that are needed.

I'm a bit puzzled by this comment.  These tests already invoke `gcc'
for doing the final link.  Isn't that a problem too?

As an aside, using gcc for the final link is causing problems on
FreeBSD too.


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