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Re: [patch] AltiVec support for PSIM.

>  * sim/ppc/ (tmp-igen): Pass -I $(srcdir) to igen.
> 	* sim/ppc/igen.c (main): Change -I to add include paths for :include:
> 	files.
> 	Implement -G as per sim/igen, with just gen-icache=N support.
> 	Call load_insn_table() with the built include path.
> 	* sim/ppc/ld-insn.c (parse_include_entry): New. Load an :include: file.
> 	(load_insn_table): New `includes' argument.  Look for :include:
> 	entries and call parse_include_entry() for them.
> 	(main): Adjust load_insn_table() call.
> 	* sim/ppc/ld-insn.h (model_include_fields): New enum.
> 	(load_insn_table): Update prototype.
> 	* sim/ppc/table.c (struct _open_table, struct _table): Rework
> 	structures to handle included files.
> 	(table_push): Move the guts of table_open() here
> 	* table.c (struct _open table, struct table): Make table object an
> 	indirect ptr to the current table file.
> 	(current_line, new_table_entry, next_line): Make file arg type
> 	open_table.
> 	(table_open): Use table_push.
> 	(table_entry_read): Point variable file at current table, at eof, pop
> 	last open table.
> 	* sim/ppc/misc.h (NZALLOC): New macro. From sim/igen.
> 	* table.h, table.c (table_push): New function.

Just the Igen changes are approved as a separate commit.

BTW, your ChangeLog entries are messed up, since the ``sim/ppc'' prefix 
shouldn't be there.

Hopefully this leaves you with a few separate files and some 
tweeks?  I've got to speak to a lawyer :-(


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