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Re: [PATCH] tracepoint.c

Michael Snyder <> writes:

> 2002-01-07  Michael Snyder  <>
> 	* tracepoint.c (tracepoint_save_command): From Klee Dienes --
> 	use tilde_expand and strerror for opening save-tracepoints file.

Just to make sure I understand the procedure I should be following:

Does this mean that I should re-submit a version of the
'save-breakpoints' patch with this change removed from it?  Or does it
just mean that this part of the patch has been accepted, and I should
wait to hear from the other relevant maintainers before revising or
committing the rest of the save-breakpoint patch?  If the latter, why
not just say "the changes to tracepoint.c are approved; please commit
them"?  I don't mean this as complaint, just trying to make sure I'm
following the system properly. 

Also, is there a formalized way to ping or somehow track already
submitted patches?  We've got a number of other patches pretty much
ready to submit (the Objective-C patches being the most notable of
these), but since they depend on some of the patches already
submitted, I was hoping to get these resolved first.  Should I just go
ahead and post them, with a note that they assume that some of the
already-submitted patches have been committed?  This can get to be a
real mess eventually, as when I modify one patch in response to
feedback, I then have to go modify all the dependent patches.  Or
should I just badger individual maintainers until the ones already
submitted have been resolved?

I realize the irony of showing up after years of code-divergence, and
then being in a big "rush rush rush" mode to get patches considered
for acceptance.  But I'm sure we (the Apple GDB engineers) only have a
limited window of oppotunity before some other crisis comes up to
distract us, and I'm hoping to take as much advantage of this
opportunity to merge the sources as I possibly can.

 - Klee

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