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Re: [RFA] New "generate-core-file" command, supercedes previous

Daniel Jacobowitz wrote:
> On Thu, Jan 03, 2002 at 05:51:51PM -0800, Michael Snyder wrote:
> > OK, this submission supercedes the previous one for the gcore command.
> > The command is now called "generate-core-files", with gcore as an alias.
> >
> > This patch can now generate multi-threaded corefiles both on solaris
> > and on linux.  The host makefile fragments for sparc-solaris and for
> > i386-linux have been updated to bring in the new code.  The new code
> > will not affect any other targets until their makefile fragmemts are
> > modified to pull it in.  It should work as-is for any flavor of
> > Solaris or Linux, but I've only tested sparc and i386 respectively.
> >
> > As before, there is a patch for bfd appended, which has not yet
> > been approved by the bfd/binutils maintainers.
> >
> > I'm now ready to formally request approval -- though there's still
> > room for improvement, I believe it's mature enough to check in.
> It looks solid to me.  I especially like the supporting multiple
> threads bit.
> For future consideration, it would be -very- nice if this supported
> writing sparse files.  That will, of course, require a BFD change.
> Right now, the dump for a 12-threaded application is about 25MB virtual
> size and no more than 1MB physical on-disk size, because the stacks for
> each thread are a 2MB sparse region.

Yes, Andrew and I have discussed that a bit.  Definitely desireable, 
maybe possible, probably requires bfd extension.  At some point we
should kick it around some more.

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