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Re: [patch] AltiVec support for PSIM.

> 2001-12-29  matthew green  <>
> * sim/ (extra_subdirs): Add testsuite for ppc.
> 	* sim/configure: Regenerate.
> 	* sim/ppc/idecode_expression.h (ALTIVEC_SET_CR6): New macro.
> 	(ALTIVEC_SET_SAT): Likewise.
> 	* sim/ppc/main.c (zalloc): Fix typo in error message.

This bit is a separate patch and can, separatly, just go straight in.

> 	* sim/ppc/ppc-cache-rules (VS, vS, VS_BITMASK): New cache entries.
> 	(VA, vA, vA_BITMASK, VB, vB, vB_BITMASK, VC, vC, vC_BITMASK): Likewise.
> 	* sim/ppc/ppc-instructions (PPC_INSN_INT_VR): New model macros.
> 	PPC_INSN_TO_VSCR):  Likewise.
> 	(model_trace_altivec_busy_p, model_trace_altivec_make_busy): New model
> 	functions.
> 	(struct _model_busy, struct _model_data): New vr_busy and vscr_busy
> 	elements.
> 	(model_trace_release): Add vr_busy and vrcr_busy support.
> 	(model_new_cycle): Likewise.
> 	(model_make): Likewise.
> 	(ppc_insn_int_vr, ppc_insn_vr, ppc_insn_vr_cr): New model functions.
> 	(ppc_insn_vr_vscr, ppc_insn_from_vscr, ppc_insn_to_vscr): Likewise.
> 	(altivec_signed_saturate_8, altivec_signed_saturate_16): Likewise.
> 	(altivec_signed_saturate_32, altivec_unsigned_saturate_8): Likewise.
> 	(altivec_unsigned_saturate_16, altivec_unsigned_saturate_32): Likewise.
> 	(lvebx, lvehx, lvewx, lvsl, lvsr, lvx, lvxl): New AltiVec instructions.
> 	(mfvrsave, mfvscr, mtvrsave, mtvscr, stvebx, stvehx, stvewx): Likewise.
> 	(stvx, stvxl, vaddcuw, vaddfp, vaddsbs, vaddshs, vaddsws): Likewise.
> 	(vaddubm, vaddubs, vadduhm, vadduhs, vadduwm, vadduws, vand): Likewise.
> 	(vandc, vavgsb, vavgsh, vavgsw, vavgub, vavguh, vavguw): Likewise.
> 	(vcfsx, vcfux, vcmpbfp, vcmpeqfp, vcmpequb, vcmpequh): Likewise.
> 	(vcmpequw, vcmpgefp, vcmpgtfp, vcmpgtsb, vcmpgtsh, vcmpgtsw): Likewise.
> 	(vcmpgtub, vcmpgtuh, vcmpgtuw, vctsxs, vctuxs, vexptefp): Likewise.
> 	(vlogefp, vmaddfp, vmaxfp, vmaxsb, vmaxsh, vmaxsw, vmaxub): Likewise.
> 	(vmaxuh, vmaxuw, vmhaddshs, vmhraddshs, vminfp, vminsb): Likewise.
> 	(vminsh, vminsw, vminub, vminuh, vminuw, vmladduhm, vmrghb): Likewise.
> 	(vmrghh, vmrghw, vmrglb, vmrglh, vmrglw, vmsummbm, vmsumshm): Likewise.
> 	(vmsumshs, vmsumubm, vmsumuhm, vmsumuhs, vmulesb, vmulesh): Likewise.
> 	(vmuleub, vmuleuh, vmulosb, vmulosh, vmuloub, vmulouh): Likewise.
> 	(vnmsubfp, vnor, vor, vperm, vpkpx, vpkshss, vpkshus): Likewise.
> 	(vpkswss, vpkswus, vpkuhum, vpkuhus, vpkuwum, vpkuwus, vrefp): Likewise.
> 	(vrfim, vrfin, vrfip, vrfiz, vrlb, vrlh, vrlw, vrsqrtefp): Likewise.
> 	(vsel, vsl, vslb, vsldoi, vslh, vslo, vslw, vspltb, vsplth): Likewise.
> 	(vspltisb, vspltish, vspltisw, vspltw, vsr, vsrab, vsrah): Likewise.
> 	(vsraw, vsrb, vsrh, vsro, vsrw, vsubcuw, vsubfp, vsubsbs): Likewise.
> 	(vsubshs, vsubsws, vsububm, vsububs, vsubuhm, vsubuhs): Likewise.
> 	(vsubuwm, vsubuws, vsum2sws, vsum4sbs, vsum4shs, vsum4ubs): Likewise.
> 	(vsumsws, vupkhpx, vupkhsb, vupkhsh, vupklpx, vupklsb): Likewise.
> 	(vupklsh, vxor): Likewise.
> 	* sim/ppc/ppc-spr-table (VRSAVE): New SPR number 256.
> 	* sim/ppc/psim.c (psim_read_register): Add vreg and 16-bit support.
> 	* sim/ppc/psim.c (psim_write_register): Likewise.
> 	* sim/ppc/registers.c (register_description): Add vr and vscr support.
> 	* sim/ppc/registers.h (vreg): New datatype for AltiVec registers.
> 	(vscreg): New datatype for AltiVec Vector Status and Control Register.
> 	(_registers): Add the VSCR and 32 AltiVec registers.
> 	(registers_types): Add reg_vr and reg_vscr.
> 	(VR, VSCR): New macros for VR registers and VSCR regsiters.
> 	* sim/ppc/sim-endian.h (AV_BINDEX, AV_HINDEX): New macros.
> 	* sim/testsuite/sim/ppc/psim.exp: New file.
> 	* sim/testsuite/sim/ppc/ New file.
> 	* sim/testsuite/sim/ppc/*.s: New testsuite.

I'm ok with testsuite changes are fine. (Well actually the more 
testsuite changes the better.)

The tricky bit is with the file ppc-instructions.

IBM, and not me, owns the copyright on the contents of that file (I've 
this amazing piece of paper from an IBM lawyer) so it is wrong / 
misleading to add those instructions to that file.  Especially when, if 
I remember the politics correctly, the Altivec stuff is a Motorola special.

I'm ok with adding the altivec instructions if they are in a separate 
file and if you've clarified their copyright status with Motorola.

That just leaves the problem of how to generate an altivec enabled 
simulator from two files.  I can think of two alternatives: steal code 
from the more up-to-date sim/igen generator as that supports a 
``:include:'' directive; pull a nasty hack such as `cat ppc-instructions 
altivec.igen > tmp.igen` comes to mind (it does defeat igen's ability to 
refer back to source code lines though).

Given that I suspect you're going to need to be able to generate 
multiple simulators - with / without Altivec, stealing code from 
sim/igen might be the better medium to long term option.  Since, as 
illustrated by MIPS, sim/igen supports this.


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