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Re: 5.1.1

[maint] Remove powerpcle-eabi and rs6000-*-3.x from target list

Re: [PATCH RFA] arm-tdep.c: prologue scanner adjustments

[PATCH RFA] Fix some ARM call dummy problems

[PATCH RFA] Fix x86 floating point vs. thread problem


[patch sim/v850] Delete gencode

[patch/maint] Prune m68k targets back to just m68k-elf

[PATCH/MI] Propagate varobj changes for char* objs


[patch/ob] Return type length of virtual type

[patch/rfa] Drop some arm-* targets

[PATCH/RFC] Add back the 'info proc mappings' command.


[patch/rfc] Revamp ui-out table verification

[patch/rfc] Use BFD_ENDIAN_UNKNOWN for default byte_order

[patch] Allow all NUM_REGS + NUM_PSEUDO_REGS in the regcache

[patch] allow darwin as cross compile host

[patch] Almost zap ns32k

[patch] AltiVec support for PSIM.


[PATCH] Bugfix in i386-tdep.c:i386_push_dummy_frame()T

[patch] correct handling of lswx and mtfsfi instructions in ppcsimulator

[PATCH] CRIS downgrade from GDB_MULTI_ARCH 3 to 1

[PATCH] CRIS single-step fixes

Re: [PATCH] Define SVR4 link map offset fetcher for Linux/PPC

[patch] Delete tic80 target

[PATCH] Detect leading underscore in assembly source test

[patch] Don't link sim-bits.o into psim

[patch] Don't need %d in TARGET_CHAR_SIGNED

[patch] Don't set to_query() to return_zero.

[PATCH] Enhancement to "maint info sections" command

[patch] Fix comment typos in h8300/compile.c.

[PATCH] Fix ppc-eabi snafu

[PATCH] Fix typo in i386bsd-nat.c

Re: [PATCH] Further extend "maint info sections" cmd with ALLOBJ

[PATCH] Further extend "maint info sections" cmd with ALLOBJ

[PATCH] Generic register_virtual_size function.

[PATCH] GNU coding standard

[patch] h8300/compile.c: Fix formatting.

[patch] Have remote.c handle 0 .. NUM_REGS+NUM_PSEUDO_REGS, almost

[PATCH] i386 register shuffle

[patch] i386go32_frame_saved_pc()

[PATCH] Include i386-tdep.h in i386-linux-nat.c

[PATCH] include sim/common/sim-fpu.c in PSIM.

[PATCH] Make maint.c:match_substring const-correct

[patch] memset() -> gdbarch_info_init()

[patch] mfree() -> xmfree()

[patch] Minimize availability of mmalloc.h

[PATCH] minor whitespace fix-up

[PATCH] Missing makefile dependency

[patch] mmalloc() -> xmmalloc()

[patch] more value_ptr -> struct value *

[patch] mrealloc() -> xmrealloc()

[patch] print ``int'' with %d not %ld (long) in gdbarch

[patch] PROBLEMS file

Re: [patch] Properly display PSIM registers

[patch] regenerate gdbarch.c

[PATCH] rs6000-tdep.c AltiVec support

[patch] run.c: Fix a typo in usage.

[patch] software single-step on arm fixes

[patch] Stop mips register_raw_size internal error

[PATCH] symtab.c: make sure alloca is big enough

[PATCH] tm-rs6000.h: Conditionally include solib.h

[patch] Ui-out table cleanup

[PATCH] Use new generic register_virtual_size

[patch] Zap a29k ultra native stuff

[patch] zap harris m88k host and target

[patch] Zap m68k sony news and ISI platforms

[patch] Zap some old ppc targets.

[patch] Zap stray macro

[patch] zap stuff.c and kdb-start.c

[patch] Zap sun i386i host and target

[patch] zap w65-*-*

[patch]: 2 more needed changes for sim-fpu.c & psim

[patch]: fix psim / --disable-sim-inline lossage

Re: [patch]: Software single-stepping on ARMs

Re: [RFA 3rd] tell in which register a register var is.

[rfa/c++] Fix "virtual baseclass botch"

[rfa/c++] Print virtual baseclasses correctly

[rfa/c++testsuite] Add (failing) static member function test to classes.exp

[rfa/c++testsuite] The remaining v3 testsuite fixes (or at least most of them)

[RFA/RFC] New GDB command for dropping a 'child' corefile

[RFA/stabs reader] Fix v3 duplicate constructors problem

Re: [RFA] Add sparc target to asm-source.exp test

[RFA] Add support for i786 cpu.

[RFA] Allow casting of object pointers for method calls

Re: [RFA] arm-tdep.c: deal with failed memory read

[RFA] Bugfixes in x86-64 target

[rfa] Build cv-qualified types correctly

[rfa] Call methods with proper promotion

[RFA] compile.c: Clean up.

Re: [RFA] config/rs6000/tm-rs6000.h STAB_REG_TO_REGNUM

Re: [RFA] correct XMM register positions for win32.

[RFA] Crasher bug in infptrace.c

[RFA] Define FETCH_INFERIOR_REGISTERS for ppc linux.

Re: [RFA] deleting breakpoints inside of 'commands' (again)

Re: [RFA] derivation.exp libstdc++ v3 tweaks

[RFA] Doc for "maint info sections" command

[RFA] Don't use thread_db on corefiles

[RFA] dwarf2 unwind info

[RFA] error-catching mechanism for scripts

Re: [RFA] Escape curly braces (Re: Sunday Project gdb test results, 2001-10-28)

Re: [RFA] Fix broken test in callfuncs.c

Re: [RFA] Fix regexp problem with "operator* etc.

[RFA] get go32 target to compile again.

Re: [RFA] More C++ v3 tweaks

[RFA] new tcp_open

Re: [RFA] New tests for 'const' and 'volatile' expressions

[RFA] ppc: include register numbers in gdbarch_tdep structure.

[RFA] procfs.c: iterating over memory regions.

[RFA] Rename armbsd-nat.c to armnbsd-nat.c

[RFA] rs6000-nat.c fetch_register error condition.

[RFA] ser-tcp.c Solaris fix

[RFA] stack.c: move address printing into hook

Re: [RFA] tweak for gdb.asm/asm-source.exp

Re: [RFA] v3 tweak for overload.exp

Re: [RFA] W.I.P. AltiVec ppc registers support.

[RFA] x86-64 bugfixes x86-64 target 2

[RFA] x86-64 target bugfixes 3

[RFA] x86-64 target config patch

[RFA]: arm changes to run gdb.asm/asm-source.exp successfully

[RFA]: port to Sanyo XStormy16 CPU

[RFA]: testsuite/gdb.base/a2-bin.exp: Consider `needs_status_wrapper' target_info

[RFC/patch 5.1] change NUM_REALREGS to NUM_REGS

Re: [RFC/RFA] Add hardware watchpoint support for cygwin target.

Re: [RFC/RFA] Add hardware watchpoint support for cygwin target.

Re: [RFC/RFA] use of dwarf2 unwind informations

[RFC] Try to enhanced backtrace on i386 machines.

[RFC] add 'save-breakpoints' command

Re: [rfc] Eliminate HOST_BYTE_ORDER; break a29k

[RFC] New command 'gcore'

[RFC] Partial support for dwarf3 DW_AT_ranges

Re: [RFC] Possible bug with i386 watchpoints on several targets.

Re: [RFC]: Solib search (Was: Re: Cross solib support; continued)

[RFC]: Use `gdb_compile' instead of `target_link' for linking asm-source testcase

Add self to "Write after Approval" MAINTAINERS

Added myself as XStormy16 maintainer in MAINTAINERS

bogus xfails in default.exp

Re: Bug with lists in tables in ui-out.c

Checking in patch

configure patch for hpux

constvars.exp & volatile.exp fixes

Re: Cross solib support; multi-arch problem?

Disable gdb.threads-hp

Re: Fix stack backtraces on 26-bit ARM

Fix various default.exp failures

GDB with HP JTAG box?

Re: gdb-patches Digest 9 Dec 2001 19:14:34 -0000 Issue 896

gdb.base/annota1.exp tweak for hpux11

gdb.base/break.exp fix

gdb.texinfo problem

Re: Hardware watchpoints; dealing with false triggers?

hppa2.0w -> hppa64 conversion

hpux11 vs interrupt.exp

infttrace vs add_thread

infttrace vs attach.exp

let gdb turn off demangling

link in documentation page


More code code dropping

More gdb.hp fixups

More gdb.hp test improvements

Moving target specific solib support to generic framework

new port for xstormy16

Outstanding ARM patches

PA fixes for return2.exp

PA return2.exp fix

PARAMS in config/arm/*

PATCH : AIX build failure

Patch for arm-linux gdbserver

Re: Patch for handling of DW_AT_byte_size in DW_TAG_string_type and a some FORTRAN support

patch for remote and install gdb.asm testing

patch for remote testing, especially on cygwin

Patch ping

Patch to d10v sim


PATCH: Add dependencies for

PATCH: Add dependency variable for c-lang.h.

PATCH: correct dependencies for

PATCH: fix indentation in c-lang.c

PATCH: re-indent testsuite/gdb.base/completion.exp

PATCH: S/390: always cache saved pc in frame extra info

PATCH: S/390: clarify register size selection

PATCH: S/390: document fp state machine

PATCH: S/390: document frame link state machine

PATCH: S/390: don't try to read zero bytes

PATCH: S/390: don't use saved_regs array unless it's set

PATCH: S/390: don't use uninitialized data to guess frame's old SP

PATCH: S/390: guess at sp even without extra info

PATCH: S/390: quite a bit of oboe playing going on in there

PATCH: S/390: recognize arg reg spills in prologues

PATCH: S/390: recognize arg reg spills using `stm'

PATCH: S/390: return float values correctly

PATCH: S/390: use .long to declare int vars in asm tests

PATCH: tweak character printing

Please say ``yes committed''

Problems with GDB 5.1 and Pthreads

RFA: "maint print type" should print all the flag bits

RFA: Add missing type flag test macros

RFA: another tweak to an init_types() call

RFA: asm-source.exp: anchor regexp matching entry point symbol name

RFA: But there *is* a variable named `b'. Sort of.

RFA: cd before completing

RFA: char is unsigned on some architectures

RFA: check executable file's timestamp before running

RFA: clean up logic in linux_child_wait

RFA: d10v inferior function calls

RFA: d10v sizeof (long long)

Re: RFA: document GDB's overlay support

Re: RFA: don't set timeout for all boards in break.exp

RFA: dwarf2read.c bug with unsigned type

RFA: fix start symbol matching again

Re: RFA: float host/target confusion in `f' format

Re: RFA: GCC stabs don't contain prototype info

RFA: Hopefully last one of these init_types() tweaks

RFA: Make lookup_minimal_symbol calls consistent

Re: RFA: maybe prototyped

RFA: More additions to "maint print type"

RFA: move type flag bit into gdbtypes.h

RFA: Patch for SIGSEGV in evaluate_subexp_standard

RFA: Recognize corefile error message as failure

Re: RFA: recognize unavailable struct values in call-rt-st.exp

RFA: Remove another handcrafted type initialization

Re: RFA: tolerate unavailable struct return values

RFA: type flag bit nits in c-lang.c

RFA: Ugly "show user" output revisited

RFA: use init_type() in dwarf2read.c

RFA: Use type flag bit testing macros

so-thresh.exp problems

somsolib warning tweak

Subsidies, Grants, Loans, Financing and more

Update for AC_PROG_STDC_CC fix

whats up 371914030

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