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Re: Update for AC_PROG_STDC_CC fix

  > I think clashes should only be a problem if you are using different
  > versions of this macro in different directories.  If so, that's a
  > no-no.  It has always been the case that all configure scripts in a
  > given project must agree about how to compute cache values.  I think
  > this is an undocumented requirement :-(, but careful examination of
  > the ChangeLogs will show bug fixes for problems like this dating back
  > at least to 1996.
Right.  Which is precisely why I'm in this situation to begin with --
"make" has its own version, which was wrong, but at least was closer
to being correct.

After fixing the version in the "make" subdir I was surprised to find
that my fix didn't work.  Which led me to gdb and the shared cache problems...
And through the discussion we find out that anyone using the one directly
from autoconf-1.4 is getting a broken version.

Until autoconf-1.5 is released we probably should be overriding the default
version.  The only question in my mind is how best to do that.  Do we
keep the original name, or do we use a new one?  What affect (if any) does
changing the name have on the magic which uses the result of PROG_CC_STDC
to initialize CC in the generated Makefile?


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