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Re: gdb-patches Digest 9 Dec 2001 19:14:34 -0000 Issue 896

> Andrew,
> This works fine for me.  Looks better too.

Thanks for the feedback, it is in.

> I always thought it was kind of odd that when you were emitting a table, you
> still sent the tags for each item, rather than just emitting the table as a
> list of rows, each row being just a simple list of entries.  Then the client
> of the MI could use the header to identify the elements of each row.  We
> could still pass in the column name into ui_out_field_x, and use it to
> sanity check the table as we were building it, but just not emit the tag
> when we are emitting the element.

I would need to dig up notes.

I think one reason is that, as illustrated by the breakpoint, things are 
not as correctly laid out as you might expect.

The colums within a row are tuples since, for a given table, the number 
of colums and their names should be known and each column could have a 
type different to the next.  Hmm, and tuple fields get names :-)

> This would be a lot more efficient for big tables.  We use a table for the
> shared library info on X, and it can get very big - one developer had 600
> shared libraries/plugins in his app!
> However, PB uses the current form of the table, so I am not in a big hurry
> to fix this.  Just something to think about.

BTW, I missed the varobj stuff when reviewing all the output.


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