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Re: [RFC] add 'save-breakpoints' command

On Tue, 11 Dec 2001, Klee Dienes wrote:

> In addition to the 'save-breakpoints' support already submitted, this
> patch adds a new command 'future-break', that works like break except
> that when it encounters an error, instead of returning to top-level,


Can we perhaps come up with a better name instead of `future-break'?  It 
doesn't really describe well enough what does this command do, IMHO.  For 
example, if it is possible to put a breakpoint at the time the user 
issues the command, GDB will do that without delays, so the word 
``future'' is inaccurate.

A related question is: maybe we should make all breakpoint commands 
behave like this by default?

> 	* doc/gdb.textinfo: Add documentation for 'save-breakpoints' and
> 	'future-break'.

The changes to the docs are approved, with a few minor comments (see 

> 	* main.c (captured_main): Initialize $input_radix and $output_radix.
> 	These are referenced by a save-breakpoints file to preserve radix
> 	across the breakpoint restoration.

This aspect of save-breakpoints isn't mentioned in the gdb.texinfo 
patch.  Please add it; I think it's important to say that in the manual, 
since the radix has effect on features other than breakpoints.

> +@kindex future-break
> +@item future-break @var{args}
> +Set a `future' breakpoint.  @var{args} are the same as for the
This should be either ``future'' or @emph{future}, probably the former.

> +@code{hbreak} command and the breakpoint is set in the same way.

Is it really like hbreak or like break?  That is, does GDB set a 
hardware-assisted breakpoint?  If so, what happens on platforms which 
don't support hbreak?

Also, I'd suggest to add a sentence or two about the situations where 
this command could be useful.

> +@item save-breakpoints
> +Save all current breakpoint definitions, together with their
> +ignore-counts and command scripts, into the file @file{@var{filename}}.

If the command accepts an argument, the file name, the @item above should 
say this:

  @item save-breakpoints @var{filename}

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