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Re: RFA: "maint print type" should print all the flag bits

On 10 Dec 2001, Jim Blandy wrote:

> > > The "maint print type" command does not print all the flag
> > > bits.
> > 
> > This command is not documented in the manual.  Could someone please
> > fill that void?
> Are the other `maint' commands documented in the manual?

At least some of them are.  Try "i maint TAB" in Info, and you will
see which ones are there.

> They're only meant for use by GDB developers.

How do you expect the GDB developers to discover their existence if
they aren't documented?  Even if they do discover their existence, how
would a developer who never used a particular command know what it
does?  The built-in doc strings are terse and don't explain much.  For
example, suppose i use "maint print type" and see it print
TYPE_FLAG_TARGET_STUB--how do I figure out what that means?  (If you
think that GDB's sources explain that clearly, think again ;-)

I think every command should be documented in the manual.

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