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5.1 -> 5.1.0_0000-00-00-cvs


Re: [5.1/breakpoint] shlib patch?

[5.1] clean out gdb/gdbserver

[5.1] doco more problems

[5.1] Don't delete bfd/po/{BLD,SRC}

Re: [dejagnu/rfa] patch for lib/libgloss.exp

[heads-up] remote.c using local table

[maint] [patch] clarify ``obvious fix'' a little

[merge] build-libiberty patch merged from gcc

[PATCH RFA] arm-tdep.c: prologue scanner adjustments

[PATCH RFA] lin-lwp.c: Block SIGCHLD events when attaching

[PATCH RFA] lin-lwp.c: Mark main thread as stopped when attaching

[PATCH RFA]: Fix i386-linux-nat.c fill_gregset()

[PATCH RFC] arm-tdep.c: Define SVR4 link map offset fetcher

[PATCH RFC] handle unload dll in win32-nat.c

[patch/5.1] doco alpha-dec-osf problem

[patch/5.1] More README updates

[PATCH/RFA] new builtin_type_{,u}int128

[patch/sim/ppc] When #size-cells is zero don't expect a size

[patch] (obvious) $< fix in gdb/

[patch] Add comment to return_to_top_level()

[PATCH] Add dependencies for i387-nat.o

[PATCH] Add dependency doublest.o -> gdbtypes.h

[PATCH] Add DW_FORM_strp support

[PATCH] Add DW_FORM_strp support (take 2)

[PATCH] Add m32r target to asm-source.exp test

[PATCH] Add native support for "orig_eax" register on Linux/x86

[PATCH] Add support for "orig_eax" pseudo register on Linux/x86

[PATCH] Add support for OpenBSD/386

[PATCH] Convert more i386 macros into functions

Re: [PATCH] dbxread.c: Remove use of partial-stab.h

[PATCH] Define SVR4 link map offset fetcher for Linux/PPC

[patch] Fix (top-gdb) print phex_nz(0,0)

[PATCH] Fix recognition of ix86 in gdb.asm test

[PATCH] Fix sparc-*-linux register fetching/storing

[PATCH] Fix typo in i386-tdep.c

Re: [patch] Fix uninitialized section index internal error

[patch] For pure multi-arch methods, use predefault whn not multi-arch

[patch] H8300 simulator and H8S extensions

[PATCH] i386-linux-nat.c: Use regcache_collect() in fill_gregset()

Re: [PATCH] Make ARM/Linux build on current glibc

[PATCH] Make cygwin use .gdbinit

[patch] Make INIT_EXTRA_FRAME_INFO a function and predicate

[patch] Make PUSH_RETURN_ADDRESS a function with predicate ..

Re: [PATCH] mdebugread.c: remove use of partial-stab.h

[patch] Missing abort() calls

[patch] more s/value_ptr/struct value */

[patch] Move globals to remote object

[patch] print all problems with architecture

[patch] Properly display PSIM registers

[patch] Provide default for USE_STRUCT_CONVENTION

[PATCH] punctuation fix in testsuite

[PATCH] Re: Today's gdb failed

[patch] really de-multi-arch tty_input

[patch] Require CALL_DUMMY_LOCATIONS initialization

[patch] require value for PC_IN_CALL_DUMMY

[Patch] revert change made 2001-10-24

[patch] s/value_ptr/struct value */ for *lang.c and *print.c

[patch] s/value_ptr/struct value */ most of eval.c

[patch] Separate remote.c from register cache (almost)

[PATCH] simulator for mips3264

[PATCH] Some i386 cleanup

[PATCH] temporary fix for bogus language check

[patch] Unbreak and de-multiarch tty_input[]

[Patch] updated ltcf-*.sh, ltconfig,

[patch] Use ISO C string concat for some long strings

[PATCH] Use new wrapper in varobj.c

[patch] Zap another #ifdef INIT_EXTRA_FRAME_INFO

[patch] Zap config/i386/tm-embed.h

[patch] Zap NUM_REGS macro from tm-i386.h

Re: [RFA 2nd try] tell in which register a register var is loaded.

[RFA 2nd try] tell in which register a register var is loaded.

[RFA 3rd] tell in which register a register var is.

[rfa/arm] Eliminate REGISTER_CONVERTIBLE() from ARM

[RFA/c++] Fix printing classes with virtual base classes

[rfa/dejagnu] Work around cygwin / expect background problem

[rfa/i386] disconnect ``set dissassembly-flavour'' from ``set architecture''

[rfa/i386] Throw i386's multi-arch switch

Re: [rfa/testsuite/mi] More timeout fixes

[rfa/testsuite] gdb_suppress_entire_file if not supported

Re: [rfa/testsuite] print expected value in test message

[RFA:] toplevel: Don't use makeinfo older than texinfo 4

Re: [rfa] Add gdbasm_ prefix to gdb.asm macro's.

[RFA] Add ix86 target to asm-source.exp test

[RFA] Add sparc target to asm-source.exp test

[RFA] Add tests to callfuncs.exp for nested call dummies

[RFA] arm-tdep.c: deal with failed memory read

[RFA] Change libiberty on 5.1 branch?

Re: [RFA] Change libiberty on 5.1 branch? [oops]

[RFA] config/rs6000/tm-rs6000.h STAB_REG_TO_REGNUM

[RFA] correct XMM register positions for win32.

[RFA] Delete duplicate declarations of info_verbose

Re: [RFA] deleting breakpoints inside of 'commands' (again)

Re: [RFA] derivation.exp libstdc++ v3 tweaks

[RFA] Fix broken test in callfuncs.c

[RFA] Fix bug in templates.exp

[RFA] Fix regexp problem with "operator* etc.

[RFA] Fix stack backtraces on 26-bit ARM

[RFA] Further V3 C++ tweaks

[RFA] Harvard extensions for cast expressions

[RFA] infptrace.c: use regcache_collect

[RFA] kill a warning: config/powerpc/nm-linux.h

Re: [rfa] mips argument passing fixes for o32

[rfa] Mips heuristic_proc_desc vs. the stack pointer.

[RFA] More C++ v3 tweaks

[RFA] More testing for assembly language source debugging

[RFA] New test for Harvardized cast expressions.

[RFA] New tests for 'const' and 'volatile' expressions

[RFA] p-exp.y uppercasing change

[RFA] patch for mips gdb build failure with latest gcc

[RFA] ppc-linux-nat.c: Don't use regmap[] anymore.

[RFA] ppc-linux-nat.c: use regcache_collect

Re: [rfa] Remove a silly looking symtab sort.

[RFA] SSE registers for cygxin target.

[RFA] tell in which register a register var is loaded.

[RFA] top.c: initialize other UIs before cli

[RFA] tweak for gdb.asm/asm-source.exp

[RFA] Update D10V target to use new Harvardized type casts.

Re: [RFA] v3 tweak for overload.exp

[RFA] varobj.c memory leaks

[RFA] W.I.P. AltiVec ppc registers support.

[RFA] Yet more V3 C++ tweaks

[RFA]: Add IN_EPILOGUE() predicate

[RFA]: testsuite/gdb.asm/asm-sources.exp: Allow defining linker flags

[rfc/i960] Zap REGISTER_CONVERTIBLE() from config/i960/*

[rfc/m88k] Delete REGISTER_CONVERTIBLE() from m88k

[RFC/RFA] Add hardware watchpoint support for cygwin target.

Re: [RFC/RFA] gdb extension for Harvard architectures

[RFC] correct XMM register positions

Re: [rfc] ....

[RFC] Possible bug with i386 watchpoints on several targets.

[rfc] replace register_buffer() with regcache_collect()

[RFC]: Solib search (Was: Re: Cross solib support; continued)

Adding me to the MAINTAINERS file

Bug with lists in tables in ui-out.c

Re: Bug with watchpoints on Linux

Re: config.sub; Was: gdb & gdbserver for s390 31 & 64 bit

Cross solib support; continued

Cross solib support; multi-arch problem?

Cross solib support; viable at all?

RE: Debugging PowerPC 860 embedded target with Abatron BDI 2000: Remo te packet too long errors.

Debugging PowerPC 860 embedded target with Abatron BDI 2000: Remote packet too long errors.

dejagnu MMIX port

Hardware watchpoints; dealing with false triggers?

Make .gmo files for distributions.

Memory leak

Patch for --cd=... bug and for reading .gdbinit in exec dir

Patch for handling of DW_AT_byte_size in DW_TAG_string_type and a some FORTRAN support

Patch to handle DWARF2 DW_FORM_indirect

PATCH: --args

Re: PATCH: --args => build failure

PATCH: Delete unused definition

PATCH: Doc fix for mn10300_analyze_prologue

PATCH: doc fixes for COERCE_FLOAT_TO_DOUBLE functions

Re: PATCH: doc fixes for mn10300 prologue analyzer

Patch: Fix Windows build from --args breakage

Re: PATCH: gdb --args

PATCH: make error message complete sentence

PATCH: mention s390 files in Makefile

PATCH: new S/390 argument-passing code

Re: PATCH: operate-and-get-next

PATCH: p-exp.y uppercasing change

PATCH: recognize `NATDEPFILES+=' in host makefile fragments

PATCH: revert find_pc_sect_line sanity check

PATCH: S/390 coerces floats to doubles in the standard way

PATCH: S/390: add assembly-language tests

PATCH: S/390: backtrace properly through call dummy frames

PATCH: S/390: delete unused function

PATCH: S/390: detect backtrace end

PATCH: S/390: Extract floating-point return values correctly

PATCH: S/390: fix SP in frames' saved_regs array

PATCH: S/390: get return address properly when still in register

PATCH: S/390: handle sp element of saved_regs array correctly

PATCH: S/390: improve handling of structs returned by value

PATCH: S/390: match GCC arg-passing bugs

PATCH: S/390: pop generic dummy frames and normal frames correctly

PATCH: S/390: prologue analysis refinement

PATCH: S/390: use standard prepare-to-proceed function for Linux

PATCH: s390-nat.c needs regcache.h

PATCH: s390-nat.c: fix arguments to internal_error

Re: Patch: search `directory' path for `break' files

PATCH: Unify pascal string printing

properly handle extensions to DWARF 2 line number information

Reading Linux core dumps in gdb for CRIS

remote.exp: fail properly if wrapper status message isn't found

RFA: Add functions for storing integers

RFA: Avoid converting functions to pointers and back

RFA: callfuncs.c and callfwmall.c

RFA: clarify documentation for COERCE_FLOAT_TO_DOUBLE

RFA: Delete `weird.exp:p v_comb' test

RFA: document GDB's overlay support

RFA: GCC stabs don't contain prototype info

RFA: GDB overlay docs, ASCII art only

Re: RFA: improve error reporting for `overlay auto' operations

RFA: maybe prototyped

RFA: recognize unavailable struct values in call-rt-st.exp

RFA: tolerate unavailable struct return values

Re: RFC: partial symbol table address range generalization

sim/arm/ fix for non-GNU make

src/ patch

stormy16: Change name to xstormy16

symtab.c change breaks assembly lang debugging

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