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Re: RFA: document GDB's overlay support

> From: Jim Blandy <>
> Date: Fri, 30 Nov 2001 15:58:37 -0500 (EST)
> The weird part about this patch is that it includes a diagram --- the
> GDB manual's first.  This makes GDB's manual a lot more sensitive to
> the exact versions of the texinfo tools.  This patch adds a new file,
> README-IMAGES, which explains exactly what you need.  In the case of
> `makeinfo', even the latest release doesn't work; I include a patch
> for it.

I don't mind adding this hair, provided that the parts which don't
work without patching standard distributions, such as what needs a
patched makeinfo, are by default disabled.  We can then tell people
who want those hairy features to flip some flag or @set something,
before they produce the manual.

>         * jimb.texinfo-4-image-path.patch: New file.

Is it possible to avoid file names that will cause trouble on 8+3
filesystems?  If not, we need to add a line to fnchange.lst.

> *** gdb/doc/gdb.texinfo	2001/09/12 19:49:52	1.51
> --- gdb/doc/gdb.texinfo	2001/10/09 16:40:00

This patch is approved, with the following minor comments:

 - Please use "@value{GDBN}" instead of "GDB".

 - I suggest an index entry here:

> + @itemize @bullet
> + @item
> + You can set breakpoints in functions in unmapped overlays, as long as
> + GDB can write to the overlay at its load address.
> + @item
> + GDB can not set hardware or simulator-based breakpoints in unmapped
> + overlays.  However, if you set a breakpoint at the end of your overlay
> + manager (and tell GDB which overlays are now mapped, if you are using
> + manual overlay management), GDB will re-set its breakpoints properly.
> + @end itemize

Something like "@cindex breakpoints, and overlays", for example.

> + @node Overlay Sample Program
> + @section Overlay Sample Program
> + @cindex overlay sample program
> + @cindex overlay example program

It is not very useful to have two index entries which begin with the
same string and point to the same place.  I think "overlay example
program" should be enough.

> + *** makeinfo/makeinfo.c.~1~	Sun Sep 19 10:24:44 1999
> + --- makeinfo/makeinfo.c	Wed Sep 26 10:49:48 2001

Did you send this to the Texinfo maintainer?  If so, is this patch
available in Texinfo 4.0d, the latest pretest on alpha.gnu?

In any case, if the only problem is that makeinfo doesn't search the
include directories for images, people could force it to DTRT by
simlpy putting the image files in the current directory, right?
Perhaps it's better to tell them to do this, instead of rebuilding

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