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Re: [RFA/c++] Fix printing classes with virtual base classes

> Jim, can I commit these?  It'll make it easier for me to post the
> following batch.  Now that GCC emits the information I need (on HEAD at
> least) I'd like to finish this up.
> I guess that I can commit the gnu-v3-abi bits on my own initiative,
> since no one objected... actually, I guess the values stuff is
> unmaintained too?

I wouldn't describe it as un-maintained.  It is fundamental core code, 
JimB and I would both be keeping a very keen eye on it.

>   If there is no maintainer for a given domain then the responsibility
>   falls to the head maintainer.
> So I guess I need approval from one of Ye Divine Entities first.


> [Would someone more familiar with the state of affairs than I
> explicitly list the unmaintained parts in MAINTAINERS?  Quite a few
> things seem to have slipped down that path.]

Nothing is is really unmaintained.  The buck (unfortunatly :-) stops 
here.  Did you have any comments on my recent proposal to change how 
targets (and natives) can get a change approved?


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