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Re: [PATCH] Make cygwin use .gdbinit

On Mon, Nov 26, 2001 at 09:55:17AM +0200, Eli Zaretskii wrote:
>> Date: Sun, 25 Nov 2001 23:04:26 -0500
>> From: DJ Delorie <>
>> I suggest something like:
>>   These files are normally named @file{.gdbinit} although filesystem
>>   limitations require that they be named @file{gdb.ini} on some
>>   platforms, such as DJGPP.
>My suggestion is similar:
>  When you start @value{GDBN}, it automatically executes commands from its
>  @dfn{init files}, normally called @file{.gdbinit}@footnote{The DJGPP
>  port of @value{GDBN} uses the name @file{gdb.ini} instead, due to the
>  limitations of file names imposed by DOS filesystems.}.
>This banishes the difference into a footnote, where it is less
>prominent, and also avoids the pitfall of saying that gdb.ini is only
>used on DOS.

That looks right to me.  How about the other section of the patch, though:

 @cindex @code{--nx}
 @cindex @code{-n}
 Do not execute commands found in any initialization files (normally
-called @file{.gdbinit}, or @file{gdb.ini} on PCs).  Normally,
+called @file{.gdbinit} or @file{gdb.ini} under MS-DOS).  Normally,
 @value{GDBN} executes the commands in these files after all the command
 options and arguments have been processed.  @xref{Command Files,,Command

How about just removing the parenthetical expression entirely?  It was
never right to begin with.  What's a "PC"?  Isn't my linux system running
on a PC?

Since the next sentence references the section which discusses initialization
files can we just delete this entirely?


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