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Re: [PATCH] temporary fix for bogus language check

On Sun, 25 Nov 2001, Fred Fish wrote:

> We could fix this problem by
> eliminating the test of the current language, but then every gdb
> session would incur the additional overhead of attempting to demangle
> every symbol regardless of whether or not any C++ symbols were
> present.  Another option is to set some global flag whenever symbols
> for a C++ function are read in, and then do the current language test
> unconditionally once we know that there might be C++ symbols
> somewhere.  Yet another option is to add a parameter to lookup_symbol
> that says whether to consider the possibility that the symbol to be
> looked up is a C++ symbol, set that appropriately when calling
> lookup_symbol, and use that value to decide whether or not to try
> demangling the symbol.

I think we should consider all the languages used in the program being
debugged.  How to find out what those languages are and whether to
cache them in some list is an implementation detail.

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